Maurice Farrell, Sydney A lunchtime forum at the University of Western Sydney's Bankstown campus on August 17, featuring former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib, attracted 200 people. The open-air forum — on the issues of war, terrorism
Sue Bolton, Melbourne A union and community rally and picnic will be held in Mildura on September 3 to inform people in the Mallee Murray region about the federal government's plans to strip workers' rights. The event will encourage locals to join
Sarah Stephen, Sydney After the appearance of only two prosecution witnesses, the presiding judge in the trial of Sunil Menon, a university student charged with aiding and abetting an escaped asylum seeker to apply for an Australian passport,
SYDNEY — On August 17, the University of NSW branch of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) hosted a barbecue for members of the construction union (CFMEU) working on the university's North Mall construction site. Up to 100 UNSW staff
Sarah Stephen The refugee-rights movement has won some significant victories in recent months. There's no way that the federal government would have acceded to the release of families from detention, for example, unless it was seriously concerned
Tony Iltis, Melbourne Sheikh Issa Musse was an invited speaker at the 60th anniversary rally of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 7. His speech drew a link between the US's atom bombing then, US aggression in Vietnam and today's wars
Stuart Martin, Melbourne The depth of opposition to the federal government's proposed changes to industrial relations laws has spurred the formation of a number of suburban groups committed to defending trade unions and working conditions. The
Let's give abig hand toallthose brave politicianswhosweated it outonthe parliamentary benchesduringour recent involvement inthe iraq warspare a thought please forour political heroes in Canberraforwinter here can be hellandit's no picnic
Tariq Ali In the face of terror attacks Anglo-Saxon politicians mouth the same rhetoric. One sentence in particular — shrouded in layers of untruth — is constantly repeated: "We shall not permit these attacks to change our way of life." It is a
Rachel Evans A gay friend of mine killed himself last week. He was a bright spark — sensitive with large eyes, an interest in everybody and a passion for changing the world. He felt the effects of homophobia. He is the reason I am extra angry.
The South African Municipal Workers Union "suspended" its week-long strike on August 15 despite the wage dispute between it and South Africa's mainly ANC-controlled local councils remaining unresolved. SAMWU is demanding increases of up to 9%, while
Stephen Garvey, Melbourne Ian Thomas, father of Jack Thomas; civil rights lawyer Rob Stary; and London Respect member Julian Coppens addressed a forum on August 17 about PM John Howard and British PM Tony Blair's attacks on civil rights, especially