Tony Iltis, Melbourne Sheikh Issa Musse was an invited speaker at the 60th anniversary rally of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 7. His speech drew a link between the US's atom bombing then, US aggression in Vietnam and today's wars
Capitalism and health I write in relation to Nick Fredman's article on capitalism and health in GLW #637. This article contains a couple of inaccuracies. Perhaps the most obvious is the claim that counselling is a viable alternative to lithium for
Sarah Stephen The refugee-rights movement has won some significant victories in recent months. There's no way that the federal government would have acceded to the release of families from detention, for example, unless it was seriously concerned
Alison Dellit & Alison Thorne One hundred people rallied in Redfern, Sydney, on August 17, one year since the NSW Coroner dismissed the death of 17-year old TJ Hickey as a "freak accident", exonerating the police who pursued Hickey shortly before
Stephen Garvey, Melbourne Ian Thomas, father of Jack Thomas; civil rights lawyer Rob Stary; and London Respect member Julian Coppens addressed a forum on August 17 about PM John Howard and British PM Tony Blair's attacks on civil rights, especially
Transplant Tourism — Wealthy Westerners who don't want to wait for an organ donor are travelling to Third World countries to find the organ they need from desperately poor people. SBS, Thursday, August 25, 2pm. Young, Muslim and French — Looks
The South African Municipal Workers Union "suspended" its week-long strike on August 15 despite the wage dispute between it and South Africa's mainly ANC-controlled local councils remaining unresolved. SAMWU is demanding increases of up to 9%, while
HOBART — Tasmanian logging company Gunns has renewed its efforts to sue protesters for alleged trespass, sabotage and destruction of logging property, by filing a third claim for damages in the Victorian Supreme Court on August 15. However, in a
Matthew Holloway, Hobart Prison Action Reform calls for better treatment of inmates at Hobart's Risdon Prison. It has been a strong voice about the reality of deaths in custody, and the poor living conditions and violation of human rights in the
SYDNEY — On August 24, anti-corporate clowns will descend on Sydney's police headquarters, bearing a message for assistant police commissioner Bob Waites. On August 18, Waites decided to close the Opera House forecourt and the Botanical Gardens to
Pip Hinman According to Australian peace activist Donna Mulhearn, Cindy Sheehan's anti-war vigil outside US President Bush's ranch "has re-energised the anti-war movement in the US, inspired more than 1000 people to make their way to Crawford, and
Alex Miller According to an August 11 press release issued by the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), police figures show that religious hate crimes in London, targeted primarily at the Muslim community, have risen by almost 700% compared to 2004 in
Susan Price, Sydney In the aftermath of the NSW Coroner's inquest into the death of 16-year-old Joel Exner, who died in October 2003 after falling 12 metres while working on a building site at Eastern Creek, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and
Norm Dixon For more than eight months, rich Western governments have refused to respond to successively more urgent appeals by aid agencies and the United Nations for emergency assistance to avert mass starvation in the drought-ravaged Sahel region
New Zealand Education Institute-Te Riu Roa (NZEI) members have offered solidarity to support striking teachers, health workers and public servants in Tonga. Tonga's 1400 teachers are among the 3000 public servants who began a national strike four
'A voice for the voiceless' — former Nauru detainee Sarah Stephen Ghulam Haider, a 25-year-old Hazara from Afghanistan, fled from the Taliban and sought refuge in Australia. As punishment, he spent three years in the tropical hell of Nauru


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