APPM threatens Tarkine, jobs


APPM threatens Tarkine, jobs

By Rohan Gaiswinkler

HOBART — APPM on April 23 announced plans to build a $30 million hardwood woodchip mill at Hampshire, on Tasmania's north-west coast. The location would place the mill close to a hardwood plantation, but also on the edge of the Tarkine, Australia's largest single tract of temperate rainforest.

About 20% of the 1.2 million tonnes of timber chipped by the mill each year would come from old growth rainforest in the Tarkine wilderness area.

APPM said its "public consultation program" would seek "community input" on the proposal. However, the actual plan for the mill will not even become available to the public until the second month of the two-month "consultation".

The Wilderness Society's Tasmanian campaign coordinator, Geoff Law, said the mill would probably be the biggest woodchipper in Australia. It would probably be a net job loser (by replacing smaller mills) and probably be fast-tracked by the state's Liberal government.