Overdue tribute Ain't Misbehavin'Featuring Marian Caffey, Frank Farrow III, Carla Renata Williams, Sharon Scott and Gail Anderson Theatre Royal Sydney until May 29 Reviewed by Norm Dixon Tributes to the great African American artists
Cuba fights neuritis outbreak HAVANA — The Cuban daily Granma on April 27 lashed out at a foreign media disinformation campaign around the outbreak of optic neuritis on the island. Optic neuritis is a vision-impairing disease. It was
By Jo Brown An aged pensioner and spokesperson for the Gungalidda people of the north-west Queensland gulf country has taken on the might of mining giant CRA. Wadjalurbinna, travelling on her pension and sending money home to her 17-year-old
Kennett cuts emergency services By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — In the latest round of cuts to community services the Kennett government has targeted the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Country Fire Authority and the ambulance service.
By Anne Casey SYDNEY — The latest talks between the NSW minister for health, Ronald Phillips, and the Australian Medical Association, held on April 27, failed to resolve the dispute which threatens to leave the public health system without
Man's Town A Man's Town — Inequality between Women and Men in Rural Australia was published last year by Dr Ken Dempsey, a reader in sociology at La Trobe University in Victoria. It was based on field work spanning 17 years in a rural
By Adam Hanieh Strange as it sounds, plans to upgrade Australian railways are likely to lead to a big increase in road traffic. And they are certain to result in a massive loss of jobs. Like most other public utilities in Australia today,
MP's death confirmed By Norm Dixon The death of Ken Savia, the minister of health in the Bougainville Interim Government and former minister for health in the North Solomons Provincial Government, has been confirmed by the Papua New
Top Girls The Sydney Theatre Company Written by Caryl Churchill Directed by Melissa Bruce At the Wharf Theatre, Sydney, until May 29 Reviewed by Karen Fredericks "Top Girls came out of the climate of having a right-wing woman prime
By Margarita Windisch MELBOURNE — The group People Against Rape in Bosnia Hercegovina and Croatia is organising a rally on Mother's Day, May 9. The group is made up of members from the Croatian community, the Bosnian Muslim community,
Mouth By Ben Courtice "Capitalism — your want for personal gain ... In this world there is not enough for you to own so much", screams Tim Evans, singer and guitarist for the band Mouth — a classic line, echoed on T-shirts and
By Norm Dixon Just two weeks after the terrible murder of Chris Hani, the South African liberation movement has suffered another tragic loss with the death of long-time African National Congress leader Oliver Tambo. For almost 50 years,
Stella Simmering Guilty until proven innocent The second draft of the Crimes Amendment Bill (Victoria) gives police the power to obtain name and address from the public on demand. If a person refuses, s/he is guilty of a summary offence
US asbestos bound for Turkey ISTANBUL — The crew of Greenpeace sailing boat Vega boarded the famous luxury liner SS United States on April 23 to protest against plans to strip her of more than 15,000 square metres of deadly asbestos and to
Leaders "I think in the longer term if there is a clear view that the people of Australia want change, and that change is sensible and there is overwhelming community support for it, I'm sure all political parties in the end will recognise that
Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Paias Wingti's handling of the Bougainville crisis has come under heavy fire from his own foreign affairs minister, John Kaputin. The criticisms were contained in a letter Kaputin sent from Brussels, which was


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