Australia accused on whaling Since last year, Australia has been quietly supporting policies that would allow the resumption of commercial whaling, according to Sue Arnold of Australians for Animals. According to the group, the Australian
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Within days of claiming victory in his April 25 referendum, Boris Yeltsin was moving ahead with plans to introduce a new constitution that would transform Russia into a "presidential republic". On April 27
By Norm Dixon Just two weeks after the terrible murder of Chris Hani, the South African liberation movement has suffered another tragic loss with the death of long-time African National Congress leader Oliver Tambo. For almost 50 years,
By Margarita Windisch MELBOURNE — The group People Against Rape in Bosnia Hercegovina and Croatia is organising a rally on Mother's Day, May 9. The group is made up of members from the Croatian community, the Bosnian Muslim community,
Timorese youth tour US A delegation of East Timorese youth toured North America in April. Delegation members Elizabeth Exposto and Danilo Henriques, who now live in Australia, told Green Left Weekly upon their return on April 28 that during
Bosnia: end the embargo In Bosnia today we see another example of how the so-called "international community's" insistence on being the prime agent for imposing solutions on "world trouble spots" almost always increases the suffering and
By Katherine Doyle [This is the winning entry in the Environmental Youth Alliance essay competition for high school students.] One of the most important issues facing young Australians today is the problem of worldwide environmental
Leaders "I think in the longer term if there is a clear view that the people of Australia want change, and that change is sensible and there is overwhelming community support for it, I'm sure all political parties in the end will recognise that
Stella Simmering Guilty until proven innocent The second draft of the Crimes Amendment Bill (Victoria) gives police the power to obtain name and address from the public on demand. If a person refuses, s/he is guilty of a summary offence
Prime Minister Keating's New Visions for Australia speech at the Evatt Foundation annual dinner on April 28 has been hailed as a historic milestone in Australia's political development. Others say Keating has sucked the content from the so-called
For sale: the right to pollute? By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Companies may be able to buy and sell the right to pollute the environment in the future, if federal environment minister Ros Kelly has her way. According to the
Middle East talks resume By Miriam Tramer The Middle East Peace talks resumed in Washington on April 27. Green Left Weekly spoke to Israeli commentator Amos Wollin on the possible outcome. Wollin said that, under pressure from the