Issue 96


Pilbara unions dispute over members By Geoff Spencer PERTH — The United Mine Workers Union (UMWU) says its decision to recruit in the Pilbara is aimed at re-establishing unionism in the region after eight years of steady decline in
In response to the rapidly worsening crisis in Cambodia, an appeal has been initiated urging the Australian government to take action to help avert the pending disaster. Signers of the appeal include a range of individuals and organisations
By Monique Choy The Nurrungar '93 action involved around 700 demonstrators making the long journey into the desert 400 km north-west of Adelaide over the Easter weekend. They included speakers from the Kokotha people (traditional custodians
Bases protests will continue Bill Doyle, a Peace Action Committee (PeACe) member and organiser of the Nurrungar protest, spoke to Green Left Weekly's Liam Mitchell about the recent demonstration at Nurrungar and the future plans of the
By David Llewellyn WOLLONGONG — Threatened industrial action by Public Sector Union members here in support of an unfairly dismissed fellow worker has forced DSS back to a Human Rights Commission hearing it had walked out of. In July
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Anger has exploded against the major banks in the past two weeks here as the Australian Bankers Association director Allan Cullen called for farmers to leave the land now or face eviction later on. The
By Allen Myers Australian government funds for "human rights" activities in Cambodia are providing direct support to the political project of a right-wing Chilean Australian who is an "honorary member" of a Khmer Rouge front. As Green
Anti-Kennett rally for May 5 By Pip Hinman MELBOURNE — Public sector unions are planning a rally on May 5 against the Kennett government's recent horror mini-budget. Among other cuts, it forecast the slashing of another 15,000 jobs and
Rough time for juvenile 'justice' By Sabina Nowak ADELAIDE— The chairperson of the parliamentary Juvenile Justice Select Committee, Terry Groom, has been sharply criticised for proposed changes to state laws on juvenile crime. Groom
By Norrian Rundle MELBOURNE — In Premier Jeff Kennett's April 6 mini-budget, state education funding was cut by a further $244 million (6.4%). This follows an $86 million cut, closure of 55 schools and sacking of all school cleaners, after
Fred Hollows Foundation dinner SYDNEY — The late Dr Fred Hollows, gravel-voiced, irreverent champion of people's right to see, always loved a good food and wine nosh-up with friends. Following this tradition, the Australia Vietnam
Spindler calls for defence inquiry By Joseph O'Reilly After being arrested for trespass at the Nurrungar Easter protest, Senator Sid Spindler, the Democrats' defence spokesperson, announced he was introducing a private member's bill to


JEREMY CRONIN is a member of the African National Congress' National Executive Committee and a central leader of the South African Communist Party. He is the editor of the African Communist, theoretical journal of the SACP. He was interviewed for
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — As the April 25 referendum approaches, Russian President Boris Yeltsin's authority is crumbling in the country's provinces, regions and constituent republics. Already a persistent feature of Yeltsin's presidency,
By Frank Noakes BUDAPEST — East and central European Social Democratic parties met here on March 12-13 to discuss the problems confronting the region. "For the new Europe" was the latest in a series of conferences hosted by the Hungarian
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russian officials have confirmed that plutonium salts were among the radioactive materials blasted into the atmosphere when a nuclear fuel reprocessing installation in western Siberia exploded on April 6. Although
By Catherine Brown The French elections last month were expected to register a new alliance between les Verts (Greens) and Génération Ecologie as the most significant green political force in Europe. Opinion polls predicted the
Hunger strike seeks to save Penan On April 15 Swiss rainforest activist Bruno Manser completed his 45th day of a hunger strike calling for a boycott of all imports of tropical timber from the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Manser shared the life
By Nick Johnson PHNOM PENH — The decision by the Khmer Rouge leadership to close its headquarters and move out of this capital in mid-April is a further indication that the terrorist organisation will do everything possible to prevent the
Democrats Workers rush up and down the granite stairs of the house being built for President Yeltsin and his administration on Ulitsa Osennaya 4 ... "I have not worked on such a chic house in the 30 years I have been in the business",


Adelaide ambushed in local elections By Penny Saunders ADELAIDE — Residents go to the polls again on May 1, this time to elect local government representatives. Adelaide's only professional street theatre company, Ambush Street Theatre
Kevin Gilbert, Aboriginal artist, poet, playwright and activist, died on April 1, in Canberra, after a long battle with emphysema. Kevin's daughter, Kerry Reed-Gilbert, prepared the following tribute to her father, in poetry and prose. Kevin
Let slip the dogs of film Reservoir Dogs Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino Coming soon to Kino, Melbourne Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti A pretty explosive first film by Quentin Tarantino, who may well fancy himself Scorsese's
Sweet Old World Lucinda Williams Chameleon through Festival Take Your Medicine The Gadflys Phantom Records Unhappy Hour The Leisuremasters Session Records (Phone (02) 365 4217) Reviewed by Colin Hesse Back in the '70s —
The Crying Game Directed by Neil Jordan Reviewed by Catherine Brown and Frank Noakes Reihana Mohideen's favourable review of the The Crying Game (GLW #093) asks whether Jordan's film does a disservice to the Irish struggle in his
Once is enough? Once a Catholic By Mary O'Malley Directed by Jocelyn Speight The Rep Theatre, Newtown, Sydney Until May 8 Reviewed by Alwyn Lewis Once a Catholic takes a humorous look at the bewildering dichotomy of education


Nuclear ships Protests at Nurrungar during Easter drew attention to the ongoing struggle against US bases and nuclear weapons. Another danger is presented by the visits of nuclear vessels. Local medical staff in Darwin were recently