Issue 94


By Bernie Brian WOLLONGONG — To the strains of the "Internationale", hundreds of friends and comrades gathered on March 26 to farewell and celebrate the life of Stan Woodbury, who had died peacefully at Port Kembla Hospital two days earlier
By Zanny Begg "I have been a big fan of EYA since its beginning. Young people have enormous potential to influence the world ... You speak the truth from the most powerful position — it's your future at stake. I hope you will participate in
ANU evicts residents from historic home By Nadine Behan Students living at Old Lennox House, which has been low cost accommodation on the Australian National University campus for over 30 years, were given seven days, notice to vacate
Mining stirs protests in WA By Jonathon Strauss PERTH—Dee Margetts, expected to be elected as a Greens (WA) senator, told Green Left Weekly that the way has been opened for exploration and mining on all of WA's national parks by the
Business plans 'free market' high schools By Sean Malloy The Business Council of Australia (BCA) and the National Industry Education Forum (NIEF), of which the BCA is a founding member, are proposing to extend economic "rationalism" into
NEFA calls on West to resign SYDNEY — The North East Forest Alliance has call for the resignation of Garry West, state minister for Conservation and Land Management, in the light of two recent government reports seriously criticising the
First private jail in NSW opens By John Duff NSW's first privately run jail was opened at Junee on March 19. The curious could pay $100 per head for two days of opening "celebrations" that included a jail meal, a ball, a night in a cell
By Peter Boyle In a frank essay for the March 22 Time magazine, retiring industry minister Senator John Button summed up the federal election result: Labor was seen to have "stuffed it", but "in the end, a skeptical electorate decided that
Melbourne trams called a 'luxury' By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — Comments by the most senior bureaucrat in the Public Transport Corporation (PTC) have outraged public transport groups and users. Alan Reiher, acting secretary of the
SYDNEY — The Malaysian Tourist Bureau closed up shop for the day on March 24 rather than face a protest organised by the Sydney Rainforest Action Group. The protest highlighted the continuing destruction of the forest home of the Penan people in
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Women are fighting back against the Kennett government's decision, announced on March 5, that the state's 40 family planning clinics are to be closed. Health minister Marie Tehan stated that the clinics were
Report confirms warming Alarming new evidence that the world is warming came from the Netherlands on March 19. According to a report in the main Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant, the Royal Dutch Meteorological Service announced at a press


Cuba calls for disaster relief HAVANA - Cuba has called on the United Nations for help to recover from the savage winter storm that hit the western and central provinces over the March 13-14 weekend. The storm caused unprecedented flooding.
By Jose Gutierrez March 15 was a historic date for El Salvador. The Truth Commission, made up of US jurist Thomas Buergenthal, Colombian ex-president Belisario Betancur and Venezuela's former foreign minister, Reinaldo Figueredo, released
By Norm Dixon In a significant vote that has gone largely unreported by the Australian media, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights meeting in Geneva has called on the Papua New Guinea government to end the economic blockade of
South African solidarity with Cuba By Norm Dixon It is time for the liberation movements in South Africa to repay the debt they owe to Cuba by organising solidarity with that island. This is the message of the solidarity group, Friends of
By Peter Boyle On May 24, 1991, the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front (EPLF) won its long armed struggle against the Ethiopian government. In April the Eritrean people will freely express their right to self-determination in a referendum on
Panama's Censorship Board gave in to international pressure from human rights and media groups, journalists and other prominent individuals on March 18 by lifting its ban on the film The Panama Deception. The retreat came only hours before the
By Frank Noakes FRANKFURT — Anna Seifert, a Green member of the Frankfurt city parliament, talked to Green Left Weekly about the local elections in the state of Hesse on March 7. Smaller parties of the left and right achieved swings,
By Max Lane After having being forced to accept the armed forces (ABRI) vice-presidential candidate, Try Sutrisno, President Suharto has chosen a new cabinet which deliberately excludes figures close to ABRI. It comprises a select few older
Tony Benn, the prominent British Labour Party MP, was first elected in 1950. He has been and remains a passionate advocate of socialist ideas. In London, he spoke with Green Left Weekly's Frank Noakes and Catherine Brown about British politics
By Sean Malloy Israel's treatment of Palestinians in the Gaza strip has reached terror proportions in the last three months. Tikva Honig-Parnass writes in the March issue of News From Within, "Since the 'left government' took over the reins,
Church leader on human rights in Cuba HAVANA — Reverend Eunice Santana, president of the 400-million-member World Council of Churches, says the United States is pointing an unfair finger at Cuba when it comes to human rights. She said:
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Among television journalists in particular, the practice is quite the norm. You fly in; you get the story; you fly out again. You talk to the people who count, get their statements, frame the interviews with a few


Women workers in the region Hard Labour: Women Workers in the Asia Pacific Region By Australia Asia Worker Links Women's Committee 33 pp. $5. Reviewed by Pip Hinman Over a two-year period, the Australia Asia Worker Links Women's
Catholics and Sex Four-part documentary on SBS Television Sundays at 7.30 p.m. (7 in Adelaide) beginning March 28 Previewed by Anne Casey Jesus Christ had very little to say on the question of sex, yet it occupies number one position on
Not really sleeping Sleeping with the enemy Album by Paris Scarface Records Reviewed by John-Paul Nassif Paris is an eloquent and self-righteous rapper whose consciousness goes well beyond "I'm militant". He has a real knowledge of
Broad Casting Saffire — The Uppity Blues Women Alligator Records through Festival Available on cassette and CD Reviewed by Norm Dixon With the Uppity Blues Women's third album, Broadcasting, they again strike a blow against male
Simple Men A film by Hal Hartley Showing at Melbourne's Kino from April 2 Reviewed by Peter Boyle Independent film maker Hal Hartley has a distinctive style — evident in Simple Men and his 1991 art house cinema success, Trust. His
A modest success By Kamala Emanuel NEWCASTLE — The Modest Day Out was a success here on Sunday, March 14. Sydney has the Big Day Out. Last year, Newcastle bands fed up with this city's lack of initiative organised their own three-
Strange and wonderful Cloud 9 By Caryl Churchill Directed by Frank McNamara and John Rado New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown Friday-Sunday until May 8 Reviewed by Betty Downie This play about sexual politics draws a parallel
Nigerian musician in jail By Norm Dixon Fela Anikulapo-Kuti remains in jail, charged with murder despite being granted bail by the Lagos High Court. Fela, as he is universally referred to in Nigeria, is one of Africa's most popular,
Macedonia: The Last Peace To be screened on SBS Television as part of the Cutting Edge series of documentaries Tuesday, April 6, 8.30 p.m. (8 p.m. in Adelaide) Reviewed by Michael Karadjis One might begin to gain an insight into the
Shot with pleasure My New Gun Directed by Stacy Cochran Starring Diane Lane, James LeGros At the Mandolin, Sydney Reviewed by Gabrielle Jean Carey Forget the futuristic fantasies of Terminator and Aliens; My New Gun shows us what
Come again, please Celebration of Irish Music State Theatre, Sydney Reviewed By Bernie Brian The man behind many of the recent tours of Irish musicians, Jon Nichols, indicated that this celebration may become an annual event. If the


The peace movement In an address broadcast live on national radio and television on March 25, President F.W. de Klerk told startled MPs that South Africa developed, between 1974 and 1990, six nuclear fission devices of the capacity of the