Issue 37


Mindarie sacred sites threatened

By Leon Harrison

PERTH — Aboriginal people are opposed to a new land fill dump at Mindarie which has threatened to disturb sacred sites. They say that the site contains a burial mound and Dreamtime tracks of the Wagyl (sacred...

Nile abortion bill defeated

By Paula Nassif

SYDNEY — Reverend Fred Nile's anti-abortion bill was defeated in the NSW upper house on November 20. There were only seven votes in favour, four of those from Labor Party members Johno Johnson, Michael Egan, Keith...

By David Jagger

SYDNEY — Australia's first Aboriginal high school, Pemulwuy College, is back on a sure footing with a more manageable size and a new governing council for next year.

It is calling for enrolments for years seven, eight and nine and more community...

By Dave Holmes

MELBOURNE — A well-attended meeting on November 21 heard a panel of speakers forcefully argue the case for supporting Croatia's struggle for independence. The forum at the Celtic Club registered a growing support in the progressive movement and the wider...

CANBERRA — Protesters blockaded entrances to the Aidex '91 arms bazaar here on November 24. Car bodies and other materials were used to barricade the two main gates to the National Exhibition Centre (Natex), locking out army vehicles intended for the exhibition.

The previous day, about...

Vigil against executions

SYDNEY — Australians Against Executions will hold a silent vigil in remembrance of 254 prisoners executed in the USA since 1970 and in protest against the US death penalty.

The vigil will take place on Saturday, November 30 at 10 a.m. outside the US...

By Peter Boyle

MELBOURNE — December 1 is World AIDS Day. According to the World Health Organisation, between 9 and 11 million adults are HIV positive and an additional 1 million children are estimated to have been born with the virus. By the year 2000, WHO expects there...

Vigil for Palestine

By Jenny Long

SYDNEY — The Palestine Human Rights Campaign and Women in Black will hold a vigil on December 1 to mark the anniversary of the Intifada, the Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Both...


"The Newstart program will basically force the unemployed to work for the dole", says James Basle, an activist in the Sydney Unemployed Workers Union.

"In essence, the government will be subsidising the private sector with public money, and providing industry with a cheap...

Left gains in Young Labor

MELBOURNE — Senior sources from Young Labor have confirmed that the Young Labor left "Back to Basics, Forward to Change" ticket has gained six of the 11 Victorian delegate positions to the Australian Young Labor conference, to be held in February in Canberra,...

By Anthony Thirlwall

MELBOURNE — A coronial hearing into the 1989 police shooting of Gary Abdallah has heard allegations from the victim's family and counsel that the shooting was an execution carried out by members of the Victorian police force.

On April 9, 1989...

By Peter Boyle

Question: How do you sell a tax reform that shifts more of the tax burden from the wealthy minority to the poorer majority? Answer: By making sure that everyone appears to get something more.

This is the secret recipe for Dr John Hewson's grand...


Children exploited in tobacco industry

Child workers in the tobacco industry in Jember, a province in north Java, are forming their own organisation to protect their rights and improve their working conditions.

The organisation, Paguyuban (solidarity in the community), has been...

By Peter Gellert

MEXICO CITY — Despite 500 years of pressure and persecution designed to destroy them as ethnic entities, there are currently almost 45 million Indians on the American continent, grouped into 7500 distinct cultures.

These figures are obviously...

Japanese whalers condemned

SYDNEY — Greenpeace here has condemned the recent departure of Japan's whaling fleet for Antarctica. In a November 19 statement, campaigner Peter Gill criticised the Japanese government for disguising its whaling as scientific research, and called for the ship...

By Max Lane

All indications to date are that the Suharto regime is not going to bow to international pressure in any substantial manner following worldwide outcry after the November 12 massacre in Dili, East Timor.

While the regime has appointed a so-called...

By Norm Dixon

In the days following the Dili massacre reports from East Timor point to an escalation of repression and a reign of terror launched by the Indonesian military in the territory. The most horrific report indicates that at least 80 people were murdered in a...

By Peter Annear
and Sally Low

KOSICE, East Slovakia — Across a flat plain not too far from the Soviet border, a rail line disappears over the horizon into the Ukraine. Its sole purpose is to carry iron ore into the Vychodoslovenske Zeleziarne (VSZ — East...

NEW YORK — Libya has denied any involvement in the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am aircraft which killed 270 people, disclaiming charges made against it on November 14 by the United States and Britain which raised the possibility of armed retaliation.

In a press release issued here by Libya's...

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — As Russian President Boris Yeltsin prepares to implement his harsh free-market "reform" program, a major split in his support coalition has cast doubt on the readiness of other "democrats" to pay the political price of an assault on mass...

NEW YORK — Cuba has accused the United States of mounting a campaign of "intimidation, threats and pressure" against the international community to prevent a United Nations vote on Washington's economic blockade against it.

In August, Cuba requested the inclusion of an item for the...

ALFREDO FERREIRA, Fretilin representative in Australia, spoke to REIHANA MOHIDEEN of Green Left on November 22. Following are his comments on recent events in East Timor.

After the massacre of November 12, the Indonesian army, together with the...

Arab feminist group banned

By Susan Mackie

The international Arab Women's Solidarity Association (AWSA), based in Egypt, has been outlawed by the Egyptian government, according to the November 7 Human Rights Co-ordinator newsletter.

The group...

By Jill Hickson
and Camilo Jorquera

On November 15, the FMLN of El Salvador declared a unilateral truce as a sign of good will in its negotiations with the Cristiani government. The negotiations, held in Mexico under the auspices of the United Nations, are...

By Norm Dixon

The brutal massacre of Timorese mourners in Dili on November 12 has led to protests in the Indonesian capital. Those involving the Timorese community and human rights activists have been met with repression. However, protests have also been heard from some...

By Reihana Mohideen

According to a recently published New Zealand National Business Review Insight poll, the Alliance of third parties, of which the NewLabour Party is a leading component, leads the National Party government in voter...


Timor, morality and human rights

In its actions on East Timor over the past two weeks, the Hawke government has demonstrated just how hollow is its commitment to human rights, proclaimed so loudly earlier this year when George Bush was looking for allies against Saddam Hussein. The loud...


Accompanied by Neil Murray, Dave Steel, Andrew O'Phee, and Bart Willoughby and Murray Cook from Mixed Relations, Aboriginal musician KEV CARMODY launched his new album, Eulogy (for a black person), before a full house at Sydney's Rose Shamrock and Thistle hotel on...

Workers Cultural Action Committee
Civic Playhouse, Newcastle, until November 30
Reviewed by Philip Bilton-Smith

Aftershocks is six actors on a bare stage telling stories surrounding the collapse of the...

Saving the earth for everyone

Save the Earth
Edited by Jonathon Porritt
Angus & Robinson, 1991, 208 pp. $39.95 (hb)
Reviewed by Amanda Toland

Save the Earth is both a dramatic statement of the...

Doing Well by Doing Good
By Derek Tribe
Reviewed by Craig Cormick

Last month, October 16, was World Food Day — and on that day almost one billion people in the world went hungry, and more than 40,000 died from hunger-related...

Whose belly laughed?

Political Speak
By Paul Lyneham
With cartoons by Ron Tandberg
ABC Books, 1991 89pp. $9.95 pb
Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen

ABC TV's Paul Lyneham seems to have become a "media...

Beware of Excellencies: A cautionary tale for Amnesty letter writers

em = By Duncan Richardson

Beware of Excellencies

whose addresses cover

A4 envelopes

titles and sub-titles

bulging with double

bullet-proof vests.


Disappearing Charity Donations in Adelaide
By Norman Barber
Earth Friend Press. 1991
Reviewed by David Munn

In 1981 the Adelaide Central Mission refused to give free second-hand furniture to a group of people who had...

The Sweet Breath of Freedom

em = By Peter Hicks
and Geoff Francis

Early one November morning,

The people there, most of them poor,

They prayed for the soul of their brother

Shot dead only two weeks before.

As they stood there...

Arresting Shadows

em = By Duncan Richardson

Women bring out plywood figures

of the disappeared,

black silhouettes fill the streets,

they know their way

these shields in human shape

confronting the batons, watercannon,


Red Shed Company
Directed by Cath McKinnon
Tuesday-Saturday until December 7 at Red Shed, 45 Cardwell St, Adelaide
Reviewed by Liam Mitchell

Red Shed has been entertaining Adelaide for five years with