Saving the earth for everyone


Saving the earth for everyone

Save the Earth
Edited by Jonathon Porritt
Angus & Robinson, 1991, 208 pp. $39.95 (hb)
Reviewed by Amanda Toland

Save the Earth is both a dramatic statement of the damage already done to the earth and a desperate plea to the people of every nation to change their ways.

Jonathon Porritt — director of Friends of the Earth for the past six years — asked a host of concerned celebrities for their thoughts on global destruction.

"The earth is giving us so much. We should listen to the earth and its heartbeat and live in harmony with this beautiful planet", writes Yoko Ono.

The book looks at issues such as disappearance of the rainforests, global warming, air and water pollution and overpopulation.

Save the Earth provides the average person with steps they can take. The combination of easy to read information and glossy pictures would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone. All royalties go to Friends of the Earth.

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