By Alexander Cockburn They said that the line in front of Lenin's tomb was longer than it had ever been — country folk visiting Moscow hurrying to catch a glimpse of the old fellow's embalmed remnants before they clear the mausoleum, pending

By Peter Annear and Sally Low KOSICE, East Slovakia — Across a flat plain not too far from the Soviet border, a rail line disappears over the horizon into the Ukraine. Its sole purpose is to carry iron ore into the Vychodoslovenske Zeleziarne

Disappearing Charity Donations in Adelaide By Norman Barber Earth Friend Press. 1991 Reviewed by David Munn In 1981 the Adelaide Central Mission refused to give free second-hand furniture to a group of people who had recently moved into a group

By Geoff Spencer PERTH — A protracted battle is unfolding at Western Mining Corporation's Kambalda nickel and gold operations in the wake of 150 retrenchments announced on November 13. The sackings followed unionists' rejection of a company

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — As Russian President Boris Yeltsin prepares to implement his harsh free-market "reform" program, a major split in his support coalition has cast doubt on the readiness of other "democrats" to pay the political price of

CANBERRA — Protesters blockaded entrances to the Aidex '91 arms bazaar here on November 24. Car bodies and other materials were used to barricade the two main gates to the National Exhibition Centre (Natex), locking out army vehicles intended for

NEW YORK — Libya has denied any involvement in the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am aircraft which killed 270 people, disclaiming charges made against it on November 14 by the United States and Britain which raised the possibility of armed retaliation.

The language of women By Tracy Sorensen An article in the Peking-based China Daily, reported by Graham Hutchings in the British Daily Telegraph on October 9, gave a fascinating account of a 1000-year-old language devised and used exclusively by

Vigil against executions SYDNEY — Australians Against Executions will hold a silent vigil in remembrance of 254 prisoners executed in the USA since 1970 and in protest against the US death penalty. The vigil will take place on Saturday,

By Kevin Healy A week when I was converted from sceptic to true believer. Rather naively, i always believed that if you taxed a family of six dependent, say on the dole, at the same level as you taxed, say, Lord Kerry of Waterhouse or Lord Rupert


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