Nazism for beginners "The message of David Duke is this, basically: big government and anti-big government. Get out of my pocketbook, cut my taxes, put welfare people back to work. That's a very popular message. The problem is the messenger: David
Whose belly laughed? Political Speak By Paul Lyneham With cartoons by Ron Tandberg ABC Books, 1991 89pp. $9.95 pb Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen ABC TV's Paul Lyneham seems to have become a "media personality". Why? His humour, his insight, his
By Peter Boyle Question: How do you sell a tax reform that shifts more of the tax burden from the wealthy minority to the poorer majority? Answer: By making sure that everyone appears to get something more. This is the secret recipe for Dr John
Japanese whalers condemned SYDNEY — Greenpeace here has condemned the recent departure of Japan's whaling fleet for Antarctica. In a November 19 statement, campaigner Peter Gill criticised the Japanese government for disguising its whaling as
Timor, morality and human rights In its actions on East Timor over the past two weeks, the Hawke government has demonstrated just how hollow is its commitment to human rights, proclaimed so loudly earlier this year when George Bush was looking for
Youth under fire in Perth By Arnold Bentley PERTH — On November 6 in middle-class Churchlands a 16-year-old woman was stabbed to death in her classroom by a male classmate. Rather than leading to some reflection on attitudes towards women,
Mindarie sacred sites threatened By Leon Harrison PERTH — Aboriginal people are opposed to a new land fill dump at Mindarie which has threatened to disturb sacred sites. They say that the site contains a burial mound and Dreamtime tracks of
'Total war' in the Philippines By John Queripel The mid-mannered Bishop Gabriel Garol is a contrast to the context from which he comes. He is a bishop in the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (a sister church to the Uniting Church in
Aftershocks Workers Cultural Action Committee Civic Playhouse, Newcastle, until November 30 Reviewed by Philip Bilton-Smith Aftershocks is six actors on a bare stage telling stories surrounding the collapse of the Newcastle Workers Club in the
By Dave Holmes MELBOURNE — A well-attended meeting on November 21 heard a panel of speakers forcefully argue the case for supporting Croatia's struggle for independence. The forum at the Celtic Club registered a growing support in the


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