NEW YORK — Cuba has accused the United States of mounting a campaign of "intimidation, threats and pressure" against the international community to prevent a United Nations vote on Washington's economic blockade against it. In August, Cuba
Young & out of work The hidden costs of unemployment By Tristan Vaughan Ewins MELBOURNE — The official national figures put youth unemployment at an appalling 28.4%. The latest available figures for Victoria showed that the rate had risen
By Peter Annear and Sally Low KOSICE, East Slovakia — Across a flat plain not too far from the Soviet border, a rail line disappears over the horizon into the Ukraine. Its sole purpose is to carry iron ore into the Vychodoslovenske Zeleziarne
Whose belly laughed? Political Speak By Paul Lyneham With cartoons by Ron Tandberg ABC Books, 1991 89pp. $9.95 pb Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen ABC TV's Paul Lyneham seems to have become a "media personality". Why? His humour, his insight, his
'Total war' in the Philippines By John Queripel The mid-mannered Bishop Gabriel Garol is a contrast to the context from which he comes. He is a bishop in the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (a sister church to the Uniting Church in
By Deborah Singerman SYDNEY — School is supposed to provide the best days of our lives, but for many gay and lesbian students, school days are a nightmare spent hiding their sexuality and identity. For gay and lesbian teachers too, socialising
Disappearing Charity Donations in Adelaide By Norman Barber Earth Friend Press. 1991 Reviewed by David Munn In 1981 the Adelaide Central Mission refused to give free second-hand furniture to a group of people who had recently moved into a group
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — As Russian President Boris Yeltsin prepares to implement his harsh free-market "reform" program, a major split in his support coalition has cast doubt on the readiness of other "democrats" to pay the political price of
By Max Lane All indications to date are that the Suharto regime is not going to bow to international pressure in any substantial manner following worldwide outcry after the November 12 massacre in Dili, East Timor. While the regime has
Youth under fire in Perth By Arnold Bentley PERTH — On November 6 in middle-class Churchlands a 16-year-old woman was stabbed to death in her classroom by a male classmate. Rather than leading to some reflection on attitudes towards women,
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — December 1 is World AIDS Day. According to the World Health Organisation, between 9 and 11 million adults are HIV positive and an additional 1 million children are estimated to have been born with the virus. By the
CANBERRA — Protesters blockaded entrances to the Aidex '91 arms bazaar here on November 24. Car bodies and other materials were used to barricade the two main gates to the National Exhibition Centre (Natex), locking out army vehicles intended for