The language of women By Tracy Sorensen An article in the Peking-based China Daily, reported by Graham Hutchings in the British Daily Telegraph on October 9, gave a fascinating account of a 1000-year-old language devised and used exclusively by
Vigil against executions SYDNEY — Australians Against Executions will hold a silent vigil in remembrance of 254 prisoners executed in the USA since 1970 and in protest against the US death penalty. The vigil will take place on Saturday,
NEW YORK — Libya has denied any involvement in the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am aircraft which killed 270 people, disclaiming charges made against it on November 14 by the United States and Britain which raised the possibility of armed retaliation.
ALFREDO FERREIRA, Fretilin representative in Australia, spoke to REIHANA MOHIDEEN of Green Left on November 22. Following are his comments on recent events in East Timor. After the massacre of November 12, the Indonesian army, together with the
By Norm Dixon Ignoring worldwide calls for an investigation independent of the Indonesian government, President Suharto on November 17 decreed the establishment of a commission of inquiry made up entirely of Indonesians linked to either the
By Kevin Healy A week when I was converted from sceptic to true believer. Rather naively, i always believed that if you taxed a family of six dependent, say on the dole, at the same level as you taxed, say, Lord Kerry of Waterhouse or Lord Rupert
Vigil for Palestine By Jenny Long SYDNEY — The Palestine Human Rights Campaign and Women in Black will hold a vigil on December 1 to mark the anniversary of the Intifada, the Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation of the West
Arab feminist group banned By Susan Mackie The international Arab Women's Solidarity Association (AWSA), based in Egypt, has been outlawed by the Egyptian government, according to the November 7 Human Rights Co-ordinator newsletter. The
NEW YORK — Cuba has accused the United States of mounting a campaign of "intimidation, threats and pressure" against the international community to prevent a United Nations vote on Washington's economic blockade against it. In August, Cuba
By Scott MacWilliam The need to rewrite the history of the last 10 years is becoming ever more urgent for sections of the Australian trade union movement. The need increasingly is being expressed in printed versions of "What's Wrong with the


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