Issue 332


By Lara Pullin CANBERRA — One of Canberra's biggest rallies in years was held on September 2 when many forces combined to express their opposition to MLA Paul Osborne's attempt to outlaw abortion in the ACT. Canberra's city square was filled with
By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — Local residents and migrant communities in inner-city Richmond have decided to organise a community street march against racism and One Nation. The march will be on Saturday, September 12, at 12.30pm. It will assemble at
By Norrian Rundle and Michael O'Reilly On September 1, primary and secondary school teachers in the eastern half of Victoria stopped work. Schools in the western half of the state took stop-work action on August 18. The half-day stop-work on
Mining still threatens Great Barrier Reef By Francesca Davis On August 19, federal environment minister Robert Hill announced new regulations to ban mining and drilling on the Great Barrier Reef. The move will not, however, stop three proposed
By Ben Philpottand Arrow Tong ADELAIDE — Posters are being pasted up in schools and public places here by the neo-Nazi group National Action. The posters feature a picture of Resistance leader Marina Carman and state that Resistance is a
Anti-racism fund off to great start By Wendy Robertson The Resistance Anti-racism Campaign Fund has received a big "kick-start" with a $1000 donation from a Brisbane supporter. "Courage is our banner. Whenever injustice exists, we will stand
Students put Kennett on spot By Brendan Meilak MELBOURNE — On September 2, TAFE students from across Victoria assembled at the Peninsula TAFE in Frankston to tell premier Jeff Kennett what they think of his funding cuts to the TAFE system. More
Rally in the Valley By Chris Dawson BRISBANE — The second in a series of anti-racism community rallies organised by the Democratic Socialists and Resistance took place in the Chinatown mall, Fortitude Valley, on September 5. With the slogans
By Stephen O'Brien NEWCASTLE — The Democratic Socialists will accept the challenge issued by Bob Baldwin, Liberal MP for the Hunter Valley seat of Paterson. Baldwin warned last month that if Resistance ran in his seat he would buck Liberal Party
Green candidate proud of 'activist' tag By Stephen O'Brien NEWCASTLE — The NSW Greens' number one Senate candidate, university lecturer John Sutton, is proud of his "activist" tag, which right-wing critics have levelled at him for his role on
WA socialists announce candidates By Ana Kailis PERTH — On September 1, the Democratic Socialists announced their candidates for the federal seat of Perth and the Senate. Iggy Kim will stand in Perth. The WA Senate team will be Sarah Stephen
By Alison Dellit On September 2, Warren Snowdon, federal ALP candidate for the Northern Territory, announced that Labor was unable to determine until after the election whether or not it would close the Jabiluka uranium mine if elected. Snowdon
Students organise against attack on arts school By Alex Bainbridge HOBART — The Tasmania University Union (TUU) has organised a campaign to protect the university's art school from "rationalisation". The administration is considering closing
Latham outlines Labor education policy By Alison Dellit NEWCASTLE — Mark Latham, federal Labor spokesperson for higher education, addressed a forum organised by the Newcastle University Students' Association and the Labor Club on August 24.
By Francesca Davis On September 1, the federal government decided to withdraw from the forest assessment process for north-east NSW. The assessments are the basis for 20-year regional forest agreements between governments, the timber industry and
Mirrar elder fined for trespass on her own land By Peter Johnston DARWIN — The senior elder of the Mirrar people, Yvonne Margarula, has been convicted and fined $500 for trespassing on her own land. Three other Aboriginal people, who were
By Philippa Stanford ADELAIDE — In mid-August, Community and Public Sector Union members working for Centrelink in South Australia voted overwhelmingly in favour of a "stop the cuts" campaign to fight the loss of 160 jobs. On August 25, the CPSU


By Norm Dixon Controversial Melanesian Solidarity (Melsol) MP and Eastern Highlands provincial Governor Peti Lafanama was stripped of his seat in the Papua New Guinea parliament on August 28. The PNG Supreme Court ruled that statements made by
Radical Basque paper closed By Norm Dixon The Spanish government launched another serious attack on the democratic rights of the Basque people when it forced the closure of the left-wing Basque daily newspaper Egin and its sister radio station,
APCET demands release of political prisoners The Asia Pacific Coalition for East Timor Council met in Indonesia for the first time on August 29-31. An APCET media conference called for the release of Xanana Gusmao and all political prisoners in
Indian students chart way forward By Sean Healy PATNA, Bihar
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — When US President Bill Clinton sat down with Boris Yeltsin on September 1 for the first day of their summit meeting, Russia was without a prime minister, a government or a strategy able to deal with the country's worst
By Eva Cheng According to an August survey of Thailand's Board of Investment, within five industries — food and beverages, textiles, plastics, automobiles and services — which received special state promotion, 82,000 workers lost their jobs in
By Zanny Begg PALMERSTON NORTH, NZ — The New Zealand government recently passed legislation forcing all student unions to hold referendums on voluntary membership before May 1, 1999. In 1995, right-wing students at Waikato University formed a
Protests continue throughout Indonesia MAX LANE is national coordinator of Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET). Lane has been in constant contact with activists from the radical People's Democratic Party (PRD), who are
By Lisa Macdonald On August 27, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution which might enable progress towards the lifting of UN sanctions against Libya. The resolution proposes that the Libyan government hand over, for trial in the
By Jorge Jorquera September 11 marks the 25th anniversary of the overthrow of the left-wing president of Chile, Salvador Allende, by the military. The bloody coup which brought Augusto Pinochet to power ended with the assassination of Allende and
By Nadeem Ansari On August 28, the Pakistan government introduced a bill — the Fifteenth Amendment Bill — to the National Assembly to amend the constitution to make Islamic law the supreme law of Pakistan. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, speaking
By Norm Dixon Hopes that Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) Laurent Kabila — whose rebel forces overthrew the "kleptocracy" of the brutal US-backed Mobutu dictatorship in 1997 — would usher in an era of peace, justice and regional cooperation
By Peter Montague An International Joint Commission (IJC) was created by treaty between the US and Canada in 1909, to resolve problems in the Great Lakes. Since 1972, the IJC has been working aggressively to improve water quality in the lakes, with
By Russell Mokhiberand Robert Weissman WASHINGTON — In a Congress eager to do the bidding of big business, an item atop the Chamber of Commerce's corporate welfare agenda is in serious jeopardy. The establishment leadership of the House of
WELLINGTON, NZ — The crisis for right-wing political parties in New Zealand deepened last month when the deputy prime minister, Winston Peters, and a number of other New Zealand First MPs walked out of cabinet over the sale of the Wellington
Pakistan Labour Party condemns bill Following is an abridged version of the text of a statement issued by the general secretary of Pakistan's Labour Party, Farooq Tariq, about the Pakistan government's Fifteenth Amendment Bill. The Fifteenth


MELBOURNE — Well known band Even will headline a Rock Against Racism to be held here on Sunday, September 13. "It would be more accurate to call it a jazz, soul and rock against racism", event organiser Jo Williams told Green Left Weekly. The
By Dave Riley Earlier this year, I set up New World Order Theatre in Brisbane. There was no manifesto to mark its birth, nor raving reviews to greet its first production. It happened, like so many things, because it seemed like a good idea at the
By Allen Myers Marxist Economics: a handbook of basic definitions, published by Resistance Books, was first developed by renowned Belgian economist Ernest Mandel and English economics writer Alan Freeman for the Fourth International's cadre school
SnorkelLa Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday Street, CarltonBy Richard BladelDirected by Peter HoughtonWith Carmen Mascia, Christopher UhlmannUntil 13 September Review by Vannessa Hearman Snorkel tells the story of two siblings bonded by a history of family


Stop the attacks on ATSIC The federal government has been busy preparing the ground for another round of attacks on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), and Aboriginal people in general. Recent new allegations of rorting