Issue 141


By Andrew B. Rens

CAIRNS — In a public demonstration of outrage at the proposed Kuranda Skyrail, more than 400 people marched here on April 16. The rally, organised by People Against Kuranda Skyrail (PAKS), condemned the Queensland

Goss resists repealing abortion laws

By Susan Price

BRISBANE — In the recent review of the Criminal Code, initiated by attorney general Deane Wells to bring Queensland's laws "into the 21st century", sections which cover abortion were

By Jack Weston and Anthony Thirlwall

ADELAIDE — "This is the deal:, agree to our enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) and Mr Muluihill can have his job back", explained Terry Pethebridge, Transfield industrial relations manager, to a meeting

By Jon Singer

CANBERRA — The PSU Activists Conference held here on April 23-24 was "very positive", according to Maree Roberts, PSU National Challenge candidate for PSU national secretary. "The conference drew together a very broad range of

By Angie Hartwig

PERTH — An ANC Victory Party is being organised here on May 21, after the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela on May 11. The celebration is being organised by WA Campaign Against Racial Exploitation and Western

By Tom Kelly

Australia is among the industrialised countries that are increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, in violation of international agreement to reduce them.

The Climate Change Convention, negotiated at the United Nations Earth

Further developments

By Tony Hastings

Following a Wet Tropics Ministerial Council meeting in Mackay on April 13, the federal minister for the environment, Senator John Faulkner, announced, "Ministerial Council has made a decision for no

By Tim E. Stewart

DARWIN — With Northern Territory elections to be held later this year, the campaign against excessive military aircraft noise has become a hot issue for local politicians.

Recent meetings of the Aircraft Noise Abatement

Newcastle SRC elections

By Shane Bentley

NEWCASTLE — The progressive "Activate" ticket breathed some life into elections for the Newcastle University Students Representative Council, held April 18-21.

Activate won four out of five

Rally against racism

ADELAIDE — Another rally against racism is to be held on Saturday, May 7, at 11:30 at Barker Gardens (cnr Prospect Rd and Alpha Rd), Prospect.

The rally will build on the success of last month's rally of nearly 1000

By Jolyon Campbell

MELBOURNE— Members of the Bosnian, Croatian, Albanian, Macedonian and other communities rallied here on Friday April 22 and Sunday the 24th to protest against the continuing atrocities of the Bosnian war and the failure of

By Kath Gelber

SYDNEY — The debate over women's right to choose has continued in full force in NSW since the April 18 ruling by Justice Newman that a woman could not be awarded damages for being unable to have an abortion because the abortion

'Pro-women policies the issue'

By Bill Mason

BRISBANE — "The main issue in the current debate in the ALP about more women MPs is not just how to get more women into parliament, but how to promote more pro-women policies", Democratic

By Andrew B. Rens

CAIRNS — "This is a great victory for the Aboriginal and green movements. Together we've set a new precedent for conserving natural and cultural heritage", said Michael Winer of the Wilderness Society, describing the state

Green Left Weekly contacted a range of parliamentarians to canvass their views on abortion law repeal. While members of the Australian Democrats, WA Greens and ALP expressed individual support for a woman's right to choose, none have said they are

By Dave Wright

MELBOURNE — 800 to 1000 students attended a march and rally on April 28 to protest against the Kennett Liberal government's introduction on Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) legislation.

The Tertiary Education Amendment Bill


By Ray Fulcher and Rachel Evans

MANILA — 3000 leaders of urban poor communities in Metro Manila met on April 25 at Trinity College, Quezon City, to declare their unity in demanding full employment and decent housing.

The meeting is the

By Rachel Evans
and Ray Fulcher

MANILA — "Women in the Philippines suffer discriminatory hiring practices, unequal wages, sexual harassment in the home, factories and streets as well as the double burden of housekeeping" stated Noime

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — Within the administration of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, confusion and arbitrariness are the norm. Kremlin decrees of major significance are liable to be drawn up without the knowledge, let alone consent, of the

Wingti changes mind on peace

"The Papua New Guinea government's statement that it would increase the size of PNG military forces on Bougainville by nine times the current deployment is not realistic; especially given the position stated by the

NZ child-care scam exposed

By Ian Powell

WELLINGTON — Child-care has not been immune to the drive from the mid-1980s towards deregulation and privatisation in New Zealand. Private child-care facilities are able to receive government

Earth Day in the Philippines

By Rachel Evans and Ray Fulcher

MANILA — Earth Day was organised by the Philippines Environmental Action Network (PEAN) around the theme of "Defend and Reclaim the Commons". Other organisations aiding the

Mass arrest of miners

More than 300 striking miners at Placer Pacific's Porgera mine site in the Papua New Guinea highlands were arrested after they began an indefinite strike on April 14. The workers were later released because the local police

Strike at National Bookstore

By Ray Fulcher and Rachel Evans

MANILA — Workers at the Philippines' largest book and stationery chain, the National Bookstore (NBS), have been on strike for over a month.

Of the 1800 people employed in

NZ Alliance tops Labour

The latest National Business Review-Consultus poll in New Zealand, published on April 22, shows the steady rise of the progressive Alliance continuing.

The Alliance now tops the Labour Party and trails National, the

Timber companies recently halted logging in protest over the Papua New Guinea government's new forestry guidelines. But a controversial amendment has been defeated, and the Asian-dominated industry now faces a higher log export tax and a ban on


Who should pay for Aboriginal health?

The federal government has been flying many kites before the May 10 budget. There is debate on how much extra funding should go to the neglected area of Aboriginal health, and whether it should come from a


Sweet Flowers of Perversity
Devised and directed by Rainsford
Universal Theatre, Fitzroy, until May 8
Reviewed by Sue Bolton

Sweet Flowers of Perversity is a Butoh-based production. Butoh originated in Japan following World War II as a

The Doctrine of DNA: Biology as ideology
By R.C. Lewontin
Penguin Books. 128 pp. $14.95
Reviewed by Dave Riley

The definitive answer to how much you could drink and still feel good about it was recently supplied by the Sun Herald.

Rollins Band
BMG Records
Reviewed by Jon Land

The Rollins Band's latest album has been the biggest mover on the US university, alternative and metal radio play lists since release in mid-April. Formed in the mid-'80s out of seminal

By Jorge Sotirios

The first images that come to mind regarding the Greek cinema are usually three: Zorba the Greek, Melina Mercouri and Shirley Valentine — a sunny mixture of passion and tourism that lulls the viewer into a false reality.

SBS soccer feast

SBS television is to broadcast a "feast of soccer" during May in a warm-up for the network's exclusive broadcast of the 1994 World Cup finals in the US during June and July. There will be live international matches and soccer

Reshaping Australia: Urban problems and policies
By Frank Stilwell. Pluto Press. $24.95 (pb)
Reviewed by Paul Walker

Science fiction has long theorised the never-ending city. Clifford Simak's The City and the Stars and the Ridley Scott cult

Melbourne singer/songwriter Penelope Swayles, after blitzing the Adelaide Fringe Festival with the Melbourne Indi Women's Gang, is now on her first formal tour.

One of Australia's best new political musicians promises east coast dwellers