Issue 108


Victorian police face murder charges By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — Years of campaigning by the families of two of the 11 men shot by police between 1987 and 1989 have been partially successful. The director of public prosecutions, Bernard
Small businesses take a stand MELBOURNE — The Alternative Small Business Association has been set up by a group of small business people who were sick of the right-wing diatribes of former Small Business Association leader Peter Boyle (not
Susan George for Green Left Conference SYDNEY — Susan George, famous for her writings on third world issues, has confirmed that she will be able to speak at the April 1994 International Green Left Conference. George is particularly
By Peter Boyle Prime Minister Paul Keating on July 22 announced major backtracking on the income tax cuts promised in his 1992 One Nation statement. The changes had been prepared over the preceding period by a series of "leaks" to the effect
People to People Conference Activists from a range of grassroots and community organisations in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia will visit Australia in August to attend a People to People Conference between Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The government of Premier Wayne Goss has provoked an explosion of popular anger over harsh cuts to rail, education and health services, announced over the past couple of weeks. Rail workers have threatened
By Kristian Whittaker CANBERRA — "When I used to live in the USA, I was an activist against the war in Vietnam. Now I'm living in Australia, I find myself compelled to be an activist against 'Australia's Vietnam', Bougainville." Barbara
By Anna Drews PERTH — State government proposals to amalgamate the privately owned St John of God with the publicly owned Bunbury regional hospital have brought to the fore the issue of abortion rights and job losses. If the plan is
Groom to legislate against Mabo By Dave Wright HOBART — A campaign of fear and misinformation has begun in Tasmania, orchestrated by those hostile to the recent Mabo High Court decision. They include the Tasmanian Chamber of Mines, the
Government funds moralistic sex booklet By Rohan Gaiswinkler HOBART — A sex information booklet entitled "The Things You Do For Love" was launched here on July 16. The 12-page glossy booklet is a joint project of the Pregnancy Support
By Lara Pullin Miguel Marmol, known to his people and comrades as "the living legend", and to his enemies as "the red phantom", died of natural causes on June 24 in San Salvador at the age of 75. A dinner and video showing is being held in
Campaign against closure of women's prison By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Women's groups, prisoners' rights activists, community legal services and welfare organisations such as Catholic Social Services have joined in condemnation of a
Bougainville awareness week By Mara Ochea SYDNEY — A picket organised by the Bougainville Freedom movement was held on July 23 outside the Australian Regional Defence building in Liverpool St. About 30 people distributed leaflets
Abortion Rights under attack in ACT By Lara Pullen CANBERRA — In August 1992, following six months of intense pro-choice agitation, the ACT Legislative Assembly voted to repeal the 1978 act which prohibited abortion in all but limited
Teachers, public servants rally By Sean Healy BRISBANE — Teachers and public servants rallied outside Parliament House here on Thursday, July 15, against savage cuts to public spending by the Goss Labor government. The rally, called by
WA unions support appeal to 'send Kerry home' By Kath Mallot PERTH — The WA Trades and Labour Council has voted unanimously to support a national campaign which will put pressure on states and territories to implement the
.OJ OFF .RM 106 .PL 49 .CW 13 DARWIN — Local band Kerygma performing at this year's very successful Community Aid Abroad dry season feast on Sunday, July 18. CAA has just opened an office in Darwin and can be contacted by ringing Jenny
ACTU retreats on aid to phoney union The ACTU appears to have been forced to retreat on plans for a large scale program of cooperation with the Suharto regime's puppet trade union, the SPSI. Several weeks after publication in Solidarity
Pro-choice picket By Lynda Hansen BRISBANE — A group of noisy, energetic protesters formed a powerful picket here on July 12 in King George Square under the eye of the recently installed "security camera". The group called for


By Mitchell Hamilton The East Timorese resistance has rejected a proposal from Jakarta that it hold talks with East Timorese collaborators with the Indonesian occupation forces. Jose Ramos-Horta, an official of the National Council of
Workers, peasants strike in India Tens of thousands of Indian industrial workers not represented by trade unions went on a day-long strike on July 14 to press for a minimum wage act and job security. The strike was spearheaded by the radical
By Sean Magill BELFAST — The security forces in the north of Ireland, in an attempt to extricate themselves from further embarrassment, have dropped the murder case against five young men, known as the Beechmount Five. The five,
Anti-nuclear protest at Buckingham Palace By Sigrid Shayer BRISTOL — A spectacular break-in of Buckingham Palace grounds in London on July 6 brought international attention to British nuclear testing on the lands of the Western
By Max Lane Indonesian President Suharto's right-hand man in Cabinet, research and technology minister Habibie, is continuing a public flirtation with the leaders of the long-time anti-Suharto opposition group, the Petition of 50. The
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — By a margin of 433 to 62, Russia's Constitutional Assembly voted on July 12 to adopt a draft of a new "basic law". The draft, which generally follows a text proposed in April by President Boris Yeltsin, will now
NZ military exercise in Fiji The New Zealand army and air force are taking part in tropical training exercises in Fiji for the first time since the 1987 coups. New Zealand military aid programs, navy visits and maritime surveillance
By Boris Kagarlitsky The closer elections come, the more vital it is to have an economic program. Russia is ready for new ideas. Neo-liberal theories no longer evoke the earlier rapture, and people no longer applaud every mention of the
Scandal may end German commando unit By Catherine Brown The shooting of suspected Red Army Faction member Wolfgang Grams by the German crack commando unit GSG9 has led to the resignation of the German interior minister and the federal
By Peter Devereux MANAGUA — "Ortega Threatens the Government" was the headline in La Prensa, the conservative daily newspaper, on July 20, the day after the celebration of the 14th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution. The
Malaysian appeal on Timor During President Suharto's visit to Malaysia beginning on July 16, a broad range of non-government organisations and political parties issued a statement condemning Indonesia's occupation of East Timor. While
By Jenny Long The combined effect of the dislocation of Palestinians from their land and competition from Israeli mass production agriculture has all but destroyed the Palestinian farming industry and driven Palestinian male unemployment to
Thugs attack friends of Cuba Right-wing rioters on July 17 attacked members of the US-Cuba Friendshipment as they loaded humanitarian aid destined for Cuba. The attacks occurred during a send-off event in Elizabeth, New Jersey, organised by
By Anne Casey A fourth political formation — the New Zealand First Party — was launched on July 18 with Winston Peters, the "nation's most preferred prime minister" and former National party MP at the helm. This follows the breakdown in
By Norm Dixon South African police opened fire without warning on African National Congress vice-president Walter Sisulu's motorcade as it travelled from Johannesburg to his Soweto home in the early hours of July 18. An ANC driver was killed


Rolling Back the State By Jane Kelsey New Zealand: Bridget Williams Books. 1993. Reviewed by Noel Hester Just prior to the March federal elections, the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story on its front page titled "Kiwis Love GST". This
Mirrors Eric Bogle Larrikin Entertainment Jigsaw Days and Sunday Dinners Robert Brock Larrikin Entertainment Reviewed by Ian Jamieson Traditional Western folk has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the labour
The Cutting Edge: Sex, Drugs and Dinner Presented by Alexei Sayle SBS TV, Tuesday, August 3, 8.30 p.m. (Adelaide 8.00) Reviewed by Ignatius Kim Throughout the modern era, in a time of unparalleled human achievements, when we have
Demonstration by Thugs and Terrorists By Kristian Whittaker When Cameron Muir, Joe Ferguson and Laurie Agar came together late last year to form a new rock-based punk band, they adopted the name Thugs and Terrorists. The name derives
Successor to a certain dog Aladdin Directed by John Musker and Ron Clements With voices of Robin Williams, Linda Larkin Reviewed by Dave Riley You know the story, of course: everyone knows the story. The tale of Aladdin's lamp was
Twist Produced and directed by Ron Mann With Hank Ballard, Chubby Checker, Joey Dee, Mama Lu Parks and the Parkettes, Dee Dee Sharp Shown at the Melbourne International Film Festival Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Ron Mann's last film,
Franco between two stools Franco: Behind the Myth SBS Television Friday, August 6, 8.30 p.m. (8 p.m. Adelaide) Reviewed by Richard Ingram What myth? I'm guessing here, but if you asked people at random on the street, "What do you
Real friends Peter's Friends Directed by Kenneth Branagh Written by Rita Rudner and Martin Bergman Starring Kenneth Branagh, Rita Rudner, Emma Thompson Reviewed by Claudine Chionh Peter's Friends has both admirers and detractors.
The Street and other stories By Gerry Adams Brandon Books, Co. Kerry. 1992. 159pp. Reviewed by Sean Healy Until now, the books of Gerry Adams, the president of the Republican party Sinn Fein, have focused on one aspect or another of


BWIU deregistration There is little doubt that there is a major push under way by employers and governments to eliminate any real role for trade unions in defending workers' interests in the struggle over wages and working conditions. This