Susan George for Green Left Conference


Susan George for Green Left Conference

SYDNEY — Susan George, famous for her writings on third world issues, has confirmed that she will be able to speak at the April 1994 International Green Left Conference.

George is particularly well known for her studies of the international food industry and its impact on starvation and nutrition in the third world. She is author of How the Other Half Dies.

She has been a member of the Transnational Institute, a major alternative policy research institute, since 1974 and has also acted as adviser to the Nicaraguan government, the International Union of Food Workers and various UN specialised agencies. Her other writings include the 1988 book A Fate Worse Than Debt.

A major theme of the conference will be the "Global restructuring of capitalism". Susan George is currently working on research into the World Bank and its role in international and third world economic developments. She will be speaking on this theme as well as participating in panels and workshops.

Other international guests invited to attend include Barry Commoner, author of The Closing Circle, The Poverty of Power and other writings on the ecological crisis; Tony Benn, well-known socialist and British Labour Party member of parliament; and Nawal El Saadawi, Egyptian feminist, author of several books on feminism, including The Hidden Face of Eve.

A range of political and social movement leaders and activists from the Asia-Pacific region have also been invited.