Successor to a certain dog Aladdin Directed by John Musker and Ron Clements With voices of Robin Williams, Linda Larkin Reviewed by Dave Riley You know the story, of course: everyone knows the story. The tale of Aladdin's lamp was
Franco between two stools Franco: Behind the Myth SBS Television Friday, August 6, 8.30 p.m. (8 p.m. Adelaide) Reviewed by Richard Ingram What myth? I'm guessing here, but if you asked people at random on the street, "What do you
Malaysian appeal on Timor During President Suharto's visit to Malaysia beginning on July 16, a broad range of non-government organisations and political parties issued a statement condemning Indonesia's occupation of East Timor. While
Abortion Rights under attack in ACT By Lara Pullen CANBERRA — In August 1992, following six months of intense pro-choice agitation, the ACT Legislative Assembly voted to repeal the 1978 act which prohibited abortion in all but limited
By Kristian Whittaker CANBERRA — "When I used to live in the USA, I was an activist against the war in Vietnam. Now I'm living in Australia, I find myself compelled to be an activist against 'Australia's Vietnam', Bougainville." Barbara
Government funds moralistic sex booklet By Rohan Gaiswinkler HOBART — A sex information booklet entitled "The Things You Do For Love" was launched here on July 16. The 12-page glossy booklet is a joint project of the Pregnancy Support
Bougainville awareness week By Mara Ochea SYDNEY — A picket organised by the Bougainville Freedom movement was held on July 23 outside the Australian Regional Defence building in Liverpool St. About 30 people distributed leaflets
The Street and other stories By Gerry Adams Brandon Books, Co. Kerry. 1992. 159pp. Reviewed by Sean Healy Until now, the books of Gerry Adams, the president of the Republican party Sinn Fein, have focused on one aspect or another of
Groom to legislate against Mabo By Dave Wright HOBART — A campaign of fear and misinformation has begun in Tasmania, orchestrated by those hostile to the recent Mabo High Court decision. They include the Tasmanian Chamber of Mines, the
Campaign against closure of women's prison By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Women's groups, prisoners' rights activists, community legal services and welfare organisations such as Catholic Social Services have joined in condemnation of a
BWIU deregistration There is little doubt that there is a major push under way by employers and governments to eliminate any real role for trade unions in defending workers' interests in the struggle over wages and working conditions. This
The racist violence of the extreme right in Europe is prominent in international consciousness. But, reports Green Left Weekly's FRANK NOAKES, this violence rests on an insidious state racism. Official racism is encapsulated in new
Scandal may end German commando unit By Catherine Brown The shooting of suspected Red Army Faction member Wolfgang Grams by the German crack commando unit GSG9 has led to the resignation of the German interior minister and the federal
By Anne Casey A fourth political formation — the New Zealand First Party — was launched on July 18 with Winston Peters, the "nation's most preferred prime minister" and former National party MP at the helm. This follows the breakdown in
WA unions support appeal to 'send Kerry home' By Kath Mallot PERTH — The WA Trades and Labour Council has voted unanimously to support a national campaign which will put pressure on states and territories to implement the
ACTU retreats on aid to phoney union The ACTU appears to have been forced to retreat on plans for a large scale program of cooperation with the Suharto regime's puppet trade union, the SPSI. Several weeks after publication in Solidarity


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