By Anne Casey A fourth political formation — the New Zealand First Party — was launched on July 18 with Winston Peters, the "nation's most preferred prime minister" and former National party MP at the helm. This follows the breakdown in
ACTU retreats on aid to phoney union The ACTU appears to have been forced to retreat on plans for a large scale program of cooperation with the Suharto regime's puppet trade union, the SPSI. Several weeks after publication in Solidarity
Around the world with Mitsubishi Brazil: Extensive logging of Peruvian-Colombian border for plywood and hardwood panelling (i.e. mahogany). Also involved in paper mills producing cardboard boxes and other containers. Bolivia: Hoxan Wood
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — By a margin of 433 to 62, Russia's Constitutional Assembly voted on July 12 to adopt a draft of a new "basic law". The draft, which generally follows a text proposed in April by President Boris Yeltsin, will now
By Mitchell Hamilton The East Timorese resistance has rejected a proposal from Jakarta that it hold talks with East Timorese collaborators with the Indonesian occupation forces. Jose Ramos-Horta, an official of the National Council of
Teachers, public servants rally By Sean Healy BRISBANE — Teachers and public servants rallied outside Parliament House here on Thursday, July 15, against savage cuts to public spending by the Goss Labor government. The rally, called by
Workers, peasants strike in India Tens of thousands of Indian industrial workers not represented by trade unions went on a day-long strike on July 14 to press for a minimum wage act and job security. The strike was spearheaded by the radical
As national governments and international institutions prove unwilling or unable to mount an effective response to the deforestation crisis, rainforest activists around the world are beginning to focus their attentions on those perpetrating and
Susan George for Green Left Conference SYDNEY — Susan George, famous for her writings on third world issues, has confirmed that she will be able to speak at the April 1994 International Green Left Conference. George is particularly
Marion Studdert The games we shouldn't play Sydney's bid for the Olympic Games is inextricably bound up with the development of Homebush Bay — 760 hectares in the demographic heart of Sydney. Much of this is degraded land once used for
It's about money It goes without saying that the charlatans who pass themselves off as defence lawyers in capital cases get a piece of the money pie when their buddies on the bench appoint them to represent defendants. They are little more
Pro-choice picket By Lynda Hansen BRISBANE — A group of noisy, energetic protesters formed a powerful picket here on July 12 in King George Square under the eye of the recently installed "security camera". The group called for
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