Demonstration by Thugs and Terrorists By Kristian Whittaker When Cameron Muir, Joe Ferguson and Laurie Agar came together late last year to form a new rock-based punk band, they adopted the name Thugs and Terrorists. The name derives
The following address was delivered by Cuban foreign minister Roberto Robaina to the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna on June 16. All eyes are on the historic city of Vienna today. The hopes of hundreds of millions of men, women and
Thugs attack friends of Cuba Right-wing rioters on July 17 attacked members of the US-Cuba Friendshipment as they loaded humanitarian aid destined for Cuba. The attacks occurred during a send-off event in Elizabeth, New Jersey, organised by
By Sean Magill BELFAST — The security forces in the north of Ireland, in an attempt to extricate themselves from further embarrassment, have dropped the murder case against five young men, known as the Beechmount Five. The five,
People to People Conference Activists from a range of grassroots and community organisations in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia will visit Australia in August to attend a People to People Conference between Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and
Small businesses take a stand MELBOURNE — The Alternative Small Business Association has been set up by a group of small business people who were sick of the right-wing diatribes of former Small Business Association leader Peter Boyle (not
By Norm Dixon South African police opened fire without warning on African National Congress vice-president Walter Sisulu's motorcade as it travelled from Johannesburg to his Soweto home in the early hours of July 18. An ANC driver was killed
Mabo It's sickening to see the way certain politicians, prominent people and mining interests are performing over the Mabo decision. They just hate to see the Aboriginal people getting anything. Most Australians would be the most selfish
Abolish ANSTO, says Friends of the Earth The environment group Friends of the Earth has written to the prime minister and minister for science and small business Chris Schacht, calling for the abolition of the Australian Nuclear Science and
They're our cities too The connection between street crimes against women and the urban environment was examined by the Women and (Town) Planning Conference in Melbourne on July 9. A fear of crime often made women feel trapped and
.OJ OFF .RM 106 .PL 49 .CW 13 DARWIN — Local band Kerygma performing at this year's very successful Community Aid Abroad dry season feast on Sunday, July 18. CAA has just opened an office in Darwin and can be contacted by ringing Jenny
The Cutting Edge: Sex, Drugs and Dinner Presented by Alexei Sayle SBS TV, Tuesday, August 3, 8.30 p.m. (Adelaide 8.00) Reviewed by Ignatius Kim Throughout the modern era, in a time of unparalleled human achievements, when we have
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — By a margin of 433 to 62, Russia's Constitutional Assembly voted on July 12 to adopt a draft of a new "basic law". The draft, which generally follows a text proposed in April by President Boris Yeltsin, will now
By Max Lane Indonesian President Suharto's right-hand man in Cabinet, research and technology minister Habibie, is continuing a public flirtation with the leaders of the long-time anti-Suharto opposition group, the Petition of 50. The
By Mitchell Hamilton The East Timorese resistance has rejected a proposal from Jakarta that it hold talks with East Timorese collaborators with the Indonesian occupation forces. Jose Ramos-Horta, an official of the National Council of
By Peter Boyle Prime Minister Paul Keating on July 22 announced major backtracking on the income tax cuts promised in his 1992 One Nation statement. The changes had been prepared over the preceding period by a series of "leaks" to the effect


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