The Greens released a set of 22 amendments to the Rudd Labor government’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) on October 12.
In early September, most abortions performed in Queensland health facilities came to a halt. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists had passed on a legal opinion to their members that said doctors were still at risk of prosecution while abortion remained in the criminal code.
Wake up Australia. Do not trivialise the racist attitudes coming from various sectors of our society.
In May last year, federal Treasurer Wayne Swan announced the formation of the Australia’s Future Tax System Review, to be run by Treasury secretary Ken Henry. When the Henry review reports to government in December, its recommendations are likely to leave the wealthy smiling and the rest of us grinding our teeth.
Global Warming and the Political Ecology of Health By Hans Baer & Merrill Singer Left Coast Press, 2009 240 pages, US$32.95 (pb)
An open letter to the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and Labor MP Kelvin Thomson
"It should not be the case in 2009 that Aboriginal people live [on average] 17 years less than the wider community", National Indigenous Television CEO Pat Turner said at the October 14 launch of Living Strong. The new program on NITV focuses on improving the health of Aboriginal people in remote, rural and urban communities.
The NSW town of Helensburgh, an hour south of Sydney, is now gripped by a discussion about coal and green jobs after the NSW Climate Camp held over October 9-11.
Yamaji Man — Born to a Yamaji woman from Western Australia and an Irish Catholic father, Mark grew up in two worlds, never truly at home in either. NITV, Friday, October 23, 4.30pm. The Bisexual Revolution — From Europe to North America, this
High school student Malalai Noori gave the below speech to an October 10 rally against Australia’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan.
In one of the longest and most expensive criminal trials in Australian history, five Muslim men were convicted in Parramatta Court on October 16 of “conspiring to do an act in preparation for a terrorist act”.
The eighth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan has come and gone. As Prime Minister Kevin Rudd considers yet another troop surge, for most Australians this milestone represents just another statistic, another number to skip over in the morning papers.
It seems Australian hip-hop act The Herd are not the only musicians under attack from conservatives for standing by their principles. In September, the Herd pulled out of a coal industry-sponsored concert in Mackay, Queensland to the anger of big coal (but to the delight of their climate-conscious fan base).
South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson has come under fire from Indigenous leaders over his October 11 statement that a “hard core group of repeat offenders” were “pure evil” and could not be rehabilitated.
I am part of Critical Climate, an Adelaide activist group advocating a “sustained mass civil disobedience” response to the climate emergency.
More than 200 people rallied on October 11, supporting former employees of liquidating company Solar Systems and calling on the federal and state governments to rescue the company’s solar power plant project in Mildura. Solar Systems went into administration after failing to find enough investors to continue the project.


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