Cuba brigade promises insight, inspiration


The program for the 27th Southern Cross work/study tour to Cuba is packed with visits, meetings and other activities that will give participants a wide-ranging insight into the cultural, political and social conditions in revolutionary Cuba

The tour will run from December 27, 2009 to January 20, 2010.

The brigade will include some practical solidarity work (fruit picking, pruning fruit trees, etc). But participants will also visit schools, the children's hospital in Las Tunas, urban agriculture projects in Havana, the Antonio Guiteras sugarcane factory in Puerto Padre municipality, and the Jose Marti and Che Guevara memorial museums.

Participants will join discussions with veterans of the Cuban Revolution and leaders of the Cuban Communist Party, the Cuban Workers Federation, the Federation of University Students and the Young Communist League, Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and the Federation of Cuban Women.

The program also includes meetings with foreign students in Cuba and with family members of the Cuban Five.

There are many cultural activities in the tour program, including a gala presentation by the Cuban National Ballet to celebrate the 51st anniversary of the revolution's triumph.

Visits to an art school and Cuba's Movie and TV International School are also scheduled. Special dance classes will be available.

The tour cost of $1000 includes all meals, accommodation, excursions and transport within Cuba. Children are welcome on the brigade, as are older participants.

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