News reports in early September said doctors had admitted to many instances of patients being seriously injured or killed due to doctors’ exhaustion. The data was from a study by Salaried Doctors Queensland earlier this year.
The October 17 Fremantle local government elections will take place in the wake of the May by-election that resulted in the historic victory of Greens candidate Adele Carles.
More than 300 people demonstrated at the Hazelwood power station from September 12 to 13 to demand emergency action on climate change.
The world faces some of its greatest social and economic challenges ever. A failure to correct our path will mean catastrophic consequences.
“We have not been quiet, and we will not be quiet”, about abuses of human rights in Guatemala, Walter Felix Lopez, member of National Congress for the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Group (URNG), told a public forum of 30 people on September 5.
Aboriginal rights supporters and environmental activists protested at the opening of the Brisbane Writers’ Festival on September 9, where the keynote speaker was conservative Aboriginal figure Noel Pearson.
NEWCASTLE — In a world full of demands, it is often hard to make time and find ways to help out those less fortunate than yourself. One simple way is to choose Fairtrade-accredited products, which meet agreed environmental, labour and developmental standards.
In June, a raft of new legislation was presented to parliament to in effect, outlaw homebirth midwifery in Australia. Indemnity insurance would be a legal requirement for medical practitioners, under a new national registration and accreditation scheme.
“We are lucky in Australia to have a national newspaper, Green Left Weekly, not beholden or shackled to big business or multinational corporations, whether they be church or state. Over many years it has remained a newspaper free to critique the capitalist system, which continues to reward those with capital and exploit those without.
This month, Green Left Weekly is hosting free preview screenings of Rethink Afghanistan, a new film about the US-led war in Afghanistan. Mat Ward spoke to its director, Robert Greenwald, who has made more than 50 films, including Iraq For Sale, Wal-Mart and Outfoxed.
WOLLONGONG— The Wesley Uniting Church in Wollongong Mall has sacked it's minister of 15 years, the Reverend Gordon Bradbery.
In early September, as federal parliamentarians debated whether to end the repulsive government policy of charging refugees for the costs of their own imprisonment in detention centres, damning revelations emerged that Australian navy personnel prevented badly burnt refugees from climbing onto rescue boats.