Uniting Church sacks progressive minister


WOLLONGONG— The Wesley Uniting Church in Wollongong Mall has sacked it's minister of 15 years, the Reverend Gordon Bradbery.

The decision was made by the church's presbytery by secret ballot. The decision has angered the community and the local newspaper the Illawarra Mercury is running a campaign to "Save Gordon Bradbery".

Illawarra Socialist Alliance convener Chris Williams told Green Left Weekly: "Reverend Bradbery is an inspirational voice for the voiceless. He's spoken out on every platform for social justice whether it is workers' rights, Palestinian self-determination, support for asylum seekers, stopping global warming or helping the homeless and underprivileged.

"It's a sad indictment on the Uniting Church that they wish to be rid of him.

"His public speeches for solidarity between human beings have brought tears to many eyes. They have also spurred people into action to halt injustice. His pleas for Christians and Muslims to unite against racism and oppression have meant so much for the local peace movement. Without his public presence the struggle will be worse off.

"All those who support social justice and a safe climate future should join the call to save Reverend Gordon Bradbery. Conservatives within the church might be happy to see him go. But there are many, many more inside the church, and outside in the community, who will fight to see him stay", Williams said.