The Last Whale By Chris Pash Fremantle Press, 2008, 218 pp, $29.95 (pb)
On September 1, thousands of people rallied in Melbourne for safe workplaces. The rally was in opposition to the federal government’s proposed national occupational health and safety (OHS) laws.
Aboriginal rights supporters and environmental activists protested at the opening of the Brisbane Writers’ Festival on September 9, where the keynote speaker was conservative Aboriginal figure Noel Pearson.
Since April this year, a young Cairns couple has faced a nightmare.
“We are lucky in Australia to have a national newspaper, Green Left Weekly, not beholden or shackled to big business or multinational corporations, whether they be church or state. Over many years it has remained a newspaper free to critique the capitalist system, which continues to reward those with capital and exploit those without.
Federal resources minister Martin Ferguson responded to the disastrous August 21 oil spill off the north-west coast of Australia by proposing to set up a new investigative body. The September 7 announcement claimed the new body would have the power to investigate such oil spillages and to “stop it happening again”.
On September 8, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) notified the families of the five journalists killed in 1975 at Balibo in East Timor that it had begun an investigation into the killings.
It's still unclear exactly what happened, but 13 hours after a schoolyard brawl during recess, year 9 student Jai Morcom was pronounced dead on August 30.
EM>District 9 'horrific'? I read Mike Ely's review of District 9 with some surprise, having enjoyed the film a few days earlier. Is its portrayal of Nigerian gangsters "horrific"? Definitely over the top, as is the scene where white scientists
The following call for support was released on August 24 by Richard Downs, spokesperson of the Alyawarr people of the Northern Territory, who have walked off their community of Ampilatwatja in protest against the federal government’s NT intervention. Visit www.interventionwalkoff.wordpress.com for more information.
More than 50 people attended a Greenpeace meeting with paroled Japanese anti-whaling activist Toru Suzuki on September 9.
The October 17 Fremantle local government elections will take place in the wake of the May by-election that resulted in the historic victory of Greens candidate Adele Carles.
The “people's power” speaking tour of Venezuelan community activists Daniel Sanchez and Yoly Fernandez continued with public forums in Canberra, Sydney and Newcastle
In June, a raft of new legislation was presented to parliament to in effect, outlaw homebirth midwifery in Australia. Indemnity insurance would be a legal requirement for medical practitioners, under a new national registration and accreditation scheme.
On September 9, more than 60 unionists picketed the University of New England (UNE) during the one-day strike called by the UNE branch of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU).
In the midst of an international campaign launched against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, carried out by the extreme right from Colombia and supported by Washington, the US State Department has organised and financed the trip of eight young Venezuelan politicians to the US.


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