More than 2,000 civilians were slaughtered by Sri Lankan Army shelling on the night of May 9, Tamilnet.com reported.
The Canterbury-Bankstown Peace Group (CBPG) has condemned the Federal Court for dismissing Mamdouh Habib’s attempt to reclaim his passport.
PERTH — Demonstrators wore “nuclear warheads” while percussion band Junkadelik gave extra life to a spirited protest outside the Australian Uranium Summit on May 7. The 100-strong action was organised by the Anti-Nuclear Alliance of WA.
Only 38% of FTSE 350 respondents factored in climate change risks on business practices and reported the risks to their investors, according to an April report from Acclimatise, an English risk management company specialising in climate change.
More than 50 people crowded into the Melbourne Resistance Centre to take part in a lively May Day toast hosted by the Socialist Alliance on May 3.
Fifteen hundred Australian Taxation Office (ATO) workers protested outside their workplaces around the country on May 7.
When it comes to reporting on the situation for the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka, with no reporters on the ground to witness the Sri Lankan Army’s carnage, newspapers like the Melbourne Age and the Sydney Morning Herald suddenly discover “reliable information” on what the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are up to!
SYDNEY— Two thousand people rallied in Hyde Park on May 3 to mark May Day. The crowd included contingents from trade unions, left-wing organisations and progressive campaign groups.
The article below is abridged from a May 6 Tamilnet.com report.
The National Tertiary Education Union (Tasmania) sent its log of claims to the University of Tasmania’s management almost a year ago. Despite numerous meetings between the NTEU and management, little has been achieved.
The article below is reprinted from a May 5 Tamilnet.com report.
A huge mobilisation of up to a million workers took place in Caracas on May 1 — the international workers’ day.
“This is not just a Maoist movement”, Green Left Weekly’s correspondent in Kathmandu, Ben Peterson, said on the struggle that has erupted in Nepal. “This is threatening to become a new people’s movement, like the one that swept away the monarchy.”
Frances’s eight major union federations held demonstrations across the country on May 1 — the international workers’ day. It was the third jointly organised day of mass workers demonstrations this year.
Bolivian President Evo Morales called a special press conference in New York on April 22. The UN general assembly had passed a motion put by Bolivia’s radical, pro-poor government to make that day “International Mother Earth Day”.
“Integral fast reactors” and other “fourth generation” nuclear power concepts have been gaining attention, in part because of comments by US climate scientist James Hansen.


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