One hundred students and staff at RMIT attended an information session on October 14 organised by the Islamic Students Society (ISS).
Distributing a parody newspaper may seem an unlikely crime.
The Queensland Plumbers Union says the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is a gross waste of taxpayers’ [money] and called for it to be scrapped after a case against the union was thrown out of court.
On October 15, the United States and Iraqi governments agreed on a draft security pact, which could result in US troops being withdraw from Iraqi cities by the middle of 2009 and from Iraq entirely by 2011.
HOBART — Overnight on October 12, 20 activists staged a protest against logging operations in the Florentine Valley. The protest was organised by environment group Still Wild Still Threatened.
Socialist Alliance candidates for local council elections in Geelong and Queenscliffe in late November are calling for “climate action councils” that will stand up against polluting industries and big developers.
Mayors of three south-west Sydney councils — Liverpool, Camden and Campbelltown — have demanded that the NSW Labor government fulfil its promise to extend the Southern rail line from Glenfield to Leppington.
“How can we maintain a safe and habitable climate? That’s the question we need to pose to build this movement”, Kirrliee Boyd from the Adelaide Hills Climate Action Group told a workshop at the Climate Emergency — No More Business as Usual conference on October 10-11.
Police in Wollongong have been issued with Taser stun guns. According to the October 14 Illawarra Mercury, “the stun guns, worth $4000 each, could deliver a 1200 volt electric shock to a person up to 8m away”.
The vanishing protest The October 13 meeting of the Parramatta Your Rights at Work group received a visit from a young organiser from Unions NSW, whose lamentable job it was to report on the future of the campaign against power
The Parramatta Climate Action Network (ParraCAN) will stage a Walk Against Warming (WAW) in Parramatta CBD on November 15, as a lead-in to the city-wide event being organised at 11am.
Hundreds of Tamil people turned up on October 11 for an awareness and protest campaign in Toronto against the Sri Lankan cricket team.
PERTH — The recent formation of a Liberal-National government in WA has caused the “Say No to GMO” campaign to plan a public rally on October 30 to oppose the conservative parties’ declared support for GM crops.
Thank you for your article "Is the abortion law reform in Victoria enough?" [GLW #768]. I appreciate your comments about Canada (one correction: the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League has been defunct for about 5 years, and a different national
The latest issue of the Socialist Alliance’s national discussion bulletin, Alliance Voices, is out, in a new web-based format. It can be found at .
The case of the Cuban Five, five Cubans who have spent the past 10 years in US jails for the undercover gathering of intelligence on terrorism against their country, provides further evidence of the hypocrisy of US rhetoric about fighting terrorism and supporting human rights.


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