“Given everything that is occurring in Tarija, Santa Cruz, Pando and Beni, we have to denounce … that we are on the threshold of a real coup d’etat against the constitutional order”, announced Bolivian minister of the presidency, Ramon Quintana, on August 7.
The fourth annual Equal Love rally and exchange of “Midwinta” vows was held in Melbourne on August 3.
International oil giant Chevron is lobbying the US government to cancel trade deals with Ecuador over a court case where it faces a US$16 billion fine for polluting the Amazonian rainforest.
The Victorian state government is considering far-reaching changes to workers’ compensation laws.
On August 6, Victoria University of Technology (VUT) hosted a seminar, “Pacific Islands Migration and Labour Mobility: Issues and Responses”, which discussed the potential for an unskilled guest worker scheme for Pacific Island workers. Some Pacific nations have called for such program to help alleviate high rates of unemployment.
“Abolish the ABCC! Support rights of building workers!” was the message on protesters’ placards outside PM Kevin Rudd’s electorate office in Morningside on August 8.
On “Super Saturday” August 16, hundreds of activists across NSW will staff “Stop the Sell-Off” stalls in 50 NSW electorates. Part of the campaign to stop the state ALP government from privatising electricity, the stalls are expected to gather thousands of signatures on petitions, and promote the mass anti-privatisation rally planned for September 20, at Sydney Town Hall.
Announcing the nationalisation of Banco de Venezuela, which will now be “put at the service of the people”, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stated during a live televised broadcast on July 31 that it would be transformed into a “socialist bank”.
Work Choices @letter =What rock was Nick Everett hiding under during last year's federal election? (Write On, GLW #761) You couldn't move without a Labor political hopeful promising to "tear-up" Work Choices through the campaign. Rudd promised it
Speaking on his weekly program Alo Presidente on August 3, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced important steps towards unity of pro-revolution parties in the lead-up to the November 23 regional elections.
There can be no peace, and certainly no peace with coexistence, in Sri Lanka — divided or undivided — until there is an apology from the Sinhalese to the Tamils for all the atrocities unleashed on them, not just in 1983, but all the way back to 1956, and increasingly so today.
Below is an abridged call for solidarity from the Korean Federation of Trade Unions against July 24 arrest warrants issued for the KCTU leadership by the government of President Lee Myung-bak, as part of a crackdown on the mass movement against the decision to allow US beef imports. The full statement can be read at http://asia-pacific-action.org. On August 6, police used water cannon and arrested 167 people to break up protests overnight against a visit by US President George Bush, according to an AFP report that day. The 10,000-strong, according to organisers, peaceful candle-lit vigil was protesting the US beef import decision.