The politics of desperation The latest unemployment figures show a small drop, but the Australian economy, like capitalist economies around the world, remains stuck firmly in recession. The drop in the figures is little more than a statistical
A report prepared by the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade has called for greater Australian participation in the economies of Latin America to take advantage of privatisation and other neo-liberal economic reforms
The Proceedings of Ecopolitics V Edited by Ronnie Harding University of NSW Centre for Liberal and General Studies $40 ($45 to non-registrants) Reviewed by Carolyn Beecham The proceedings of the Ecopolitics V conference, held at the
By Geoffrey Binder Privatised prisons are already a reality in Australia. There is a new government-built remand centre leased to a private corporation in Brisbane. A new private prison is being built in Junee, NSW, and another in Alice
The six unions in metal manufacturing have launched a wage claim for pay rises totalling 6% over the next two years. Stronger union shops will also pursue enterprise deals. The claim will affect about 7000 companies. The rises would be in four
Newcastle students fight cuts By Tim E. Stewart NEWCASTLE — Responding to cuts to education in the last federal budget, and frustrated by the inactivity of the University of Newcastle SRC and NUS, campus activists have formed a Committee
By Dave Holmes For some months now, the nightly television news has been dominated by coverage of Somalia and Bosnia. The famine in the impoverished east African country and the fighting in the former Yugoslav republic have provided viewers
Melanie By Melanie Woss Edited and compiled by Fiona Giles Picador, 1992 Reviewed by Carolyn Beecham Melanie Woss committed suicide in 1989 at the age of 17. She was one of 380 young people in Australia, aged between 15 and 24, who took
National estate forests threatened by APPM By Natasha Simons HOBART — Large sections of the Tarkine forests, situated in the north-west of Tasmania, are threatened with logging by APPM. The company plans to set up a world-scale pulp mill in
Low, written by Daniel Keene, is showing at Adelaide's Red Shed until September 26. The play features Ulli Birvé and Syd Brisbane as two down and out lovers who turn to crime as a way of making their dreams come true. Photo by Lisa
Move to impeach Brazilian president RIO DE JANEIRO — A formal request for President Fernando Collor de Mello's removal from the presidency was presented to the national Congress on September 1 by leaders of Brazil's press and bar
ADELAIDE — About 50 people rallied outside the Santos building on September 12 to protest against the South Australian-based oil company's plan to begin drilling operations in the Timor Gap. John Wishart, representing the CFMEU, condemned the
New premier backed by SA independents By Liam Mitchell ADELAIDE — Under the leadership of new Premier Lynn Arnold, the South Australian Labour government has attempted to distance itself from the John Bannon administration and avoid the
EYA activities The Environmental Youth Alliance's new office Sydney was launched on September 10. Indonesian environment activist Helmi Fauzi thanked EYA for the solidarity shown with the Third World, particularly EYA's efforts to protect
Near Ms's Written and performed by Sue Ingleton Directed by Kerry Dwyer At the Athenaeum, Melbourne, until September 27 Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey At the beginning of Near Ms's, Sue Ingleton states that the reason for her bringing her
Crime a product of social crisis: Price By Bill Mason BRISBANE — While the Liberal, Labor and National parties compete over who can be the toughest against the supposed "crime wave" in Queensland, Democratic Socialist candidate Susan Price


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