By Kevin Healy A week when the country was gripped with the excitement of constitutional reform, and especially the prospect that governments would serve four-year terms. And if that wasn't enough, there was the ongoing soapy about the governing

Not This Time By Ken Setter Not this time can poets write of gallant battles fought man to man all for one and one for all. Not this time this high tech so-called surgical precision distance bombing done at night only they can see a

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Opinion polling has come to the USSR. The polls are not always well designed or professionally executed, and it pays to check who has commissioned them. But the better ones are authoritative and provide intriguing data

By Andrew Nette Crispin Beltran, chairperson of the May 1 Movement (KMU) of the Philippines, has been jailed on two fabricated charges — one a matter outstanding for 20 years — and leaders of the movement fear that the government of Corazon

Awakenings Directed by Penny Marshall With Robert De Niro and Robyn Williams Reviewed by Dave Riley Who are you? In most senses you could define yourself relative to other people — with whom you work, live or share an outlook. But there is

"The establishment of a Royal Commission into Black deaths in custody alone has solved nothing. In the first 2 years following the announcement of the Commission, another 32 Aboriginal people died in custody ... A comparison of the non-Aboriginal

Editorial: Lies, damned lies and the media Everyone "knows" what happened during the Gulf War: we saw it on television and read the "camera witness" accounts in the daily papers. But the "precision" bombing of Iraq portrayed by US officials

Romero remembered By Katie Brown PERTH — A rally to mark the 11th anniversary of the murder of El Salvador's Archbishop Oscar Romero was held here on March 25. About 30 members and supporters of the Committee in Solidarity with Latin America

Two years ago, the Australian government supported a major military equipment sales exhibition in Canberra. AIDEX '89 drew hundreds of clients to view and assess military and military-related equipment. With AIDEX '91 scheduled for November, CRAIG

By Peter Boyle Any illusion that a "new world order" based on peace, democracy and justice was being built upon the death and destruction of the Gulf War lies in tatters. Now that Kuwait is returned to the emir and Saddam Hussein's military and


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