Youth plan green campaigns


By Patricia Corcoran

MELBOURNE - The Environmental Youth Alliance has targeted the federal government's resource security legislation as the main focus of future activities, culminating in marches and rallies on World Environment Day (June 2).

The decision was made at the second national conference of the organisation, attended by about 150 young people here over Easter.

Participants came from Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney, Newcastle, Bathurst, Brisbane and even Canada to share information and plan action.

Activities will include street theatre, petitions and visits to high schools. The May issue of the group's magazine will also focus on the legislation.

The conference discussed many other issues, including:

* Transport. The need for more efficient public transport to reduce reliance on private cars.

* AIDEX. Planned protests against the government-backed arms exhibition planned for Canberra in November.

* Military bases. Regular activities against United States military bases in Australia.

* Green consumerism. Persistent pressure on companies, distributors and consumers to produce, package and buy environmentally friendly products.

The gathering was addressed by Rob Burrowes, a participant in the peace camp on the Iraq-Saudi Arabia border during the early stages of the Gulf War.

The next national conference will be held in Adelaide on Easter weekend, 1992.


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