CANBERRA — Activists from the Canberra Region Anti-Nuclear Campaign made a submission to the Howard government's Uranium Mining Processing and Nuclear Energy Review, which closed on August 18. The CRANC submission criticised the narrow terms of
Green Left Weekly's Steve O'Brien spoke to Trevor Ngwane, a leader of the Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF), about the renewed talk of a break-up of the Tripartite Alliance between the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party
Eva Golinger, Caracas John Negroponte, director of national intelligence for the United States, announced on August 18 the creation of a new special CIA mission to oversee intelligence activities in Venezuela and Cuba. Negroponte, who coordinates
Zoe Kenny With the price of crude oil predicted to remain high, a voter backlash against record petrol prices and the predicted dire consequences of climate change would seem enough to motivate any government into breaking Australia's dependence on
The September 9 Queensland election is an opportunity to campaign around those issues the Queensland Labor Party is keen to ignore. The September 9 Queensland election is an opportunity to declare that there is another way of running this state, one
Colin Mitchell On August 23, Sydney architect Faheem Lodhi was sentenced in the NSW Supreme Court to 20 years for preparing to commit a terrorist act. After Jack Thomas had his terrorism charges quashed on August 18 by the Court of Appeals on the
John Pilger, London If the alleged plot to attack airliners flying from London is true — remember the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, and to the raid on a "terrorist cell" in east London — then one person ultimately is to blame, as he was
"Opposition among Americans to the war in Iraq has reached a new high, with only about a third of respondents saying they favor it", CNN reported on August 21, adding that "61 percent say they oppose it — the highest opposition noted in any CNN
SYDNEY — On August 24, around 80 people attended a UNSW Law Society forum to hear John von Doussa QC, president of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. HREOC is concerned about the consequences for human rights of the "anti-terror"
The conviction of Dr Suman Sood on August 23 for unlawfully procuring a miscarriage brings NSW's antiquated abortion laws into the spotlight. Sood was found by a jury to have supplied an abortion-inducing drug to a 20-year-old woman at 23 weeks of
Rupen Savoulian The Israeli and US ruling elites are exchanging bitter recriminations over the failure of Israel's four-week mass bombing campaign to destroy Lebanon's Hezbollah-led resistance movement. The August 16 Tel Aviv Haaretz carried an
On August 20, miners on strike at the Escondida copper mine rejected BHP Billiton's latest pay rise offer, which fell way short of the strikers' demands. The miners have been on strike since August 7 over pay, bonuses and working conditions. The
Justin Tutty, Darwin On August 23, environmentalists conducted a site inspection of the Browns mining project at Batchelor. Spokesperson John Oakley said that Compass Resources' secrecy about its activities at the old Rum Jungle uranium lease had
MELBOURNE — On August 19, 200 people attended a Justice for Lebanon and Palestine rally organised by the Melbourne Palestine Solidarity Network. Speakers at the rally included Palestinian-Australian activist Nasser Mashani, Aber Chandab from the
Doug Lorimer "The insurgency has more public support and is demonstrably more capable in numbers of people active and in its ability to direct violence than at any point in time", an unnamed "senior" US defence department official, speaking "off the
Frances Evans, Melbourne "We're not a protest organisation, we're a law enforcement organisation. We're planning on shutting down the Japanese whaling industry", Peter Hammarstedt, coordinator of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), told a


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