Doug Lorimer Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al Maliki, whose government is completely dependent for its survival on the 133,000 US troops occupying his country, lashed out at the US military on June 2, denouncing what he characterised as habitual
BRISBANE — "No dams!", chanted 400 protesters angered by the proposed Mary River dam near Gympie as they marched on the ALP state conference here on June 10. While Labor Premier Peter Beattie says the project is vital to address Queensland's water
Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter, Quito Celia Hart, a distinguished Cuban academic, member of the Jose Marti Institute and Cuban Communist Party militant, addressed an international seminar organised by the Socialist Party of Ecuador over May 17 and 18.
Coral Wynter & Jim McIlroy, Caracas Some 15,000 students from around Venezuela, dressed in the red T-shirts of the Bolivarian revolution (as the movement led by socialist President Hugo Chavez to build a new society based on the principles of
Kiraz Janicke "The Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela has reopened, on a world scale, the discussion about socialism. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has called for building a new 'socialism of the 21st century'. "As a socialist youth
BRISBANE — The rotten individual contract that fabric retailer Spotlight is trying to "persuade" its employees to sign has so enraged people that protests are being held outside Spotlight stores around the country. In Brisbane, 60 people protested
In recent weeks, high levels of inter-generational abuse in Indigenous communities have created a media furore with many politicians and media pundits blaming the communities themselves. Many Indigenous activists and supporters have been attempting
Jody Betzien, Melbourne "We are in the business of saving lives and our business is going to thrive", Anas Altikriti of the Muslim Association of Britain told the Unity for Peace Conference on May 27, at which some 300 activists discussed
Stuart Munckton The second round of the Peruvian presidential election was dominated by a ceaseless campaign, backed by the corporate media and the United States, of scaremongering about a supposed plot by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to
Associated Press reported on June 7 that in May, the US Air Force carried out 750 air strikes against the Taliban and other insurgent groups in Afghanistan. This information was supplied to AP by General Gary North, the commander of US air operations


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