Protesters 'dam' Beattie


BRISBANE — "No dams!", chanted 400 protesters angered by the proposed Mary River dam near Gympie as they marched on the ALP state conference here on June 10. While Labor Premier Peter Beattie says the project is vital to address Queensland's water shortage, the protesters raised alternatives. Queensland Greens leader Drew Hutton called for the use of recycled water, and an education campaign to win over public opinion.

"People power is going to stop this dam", Labor MP Cate Molloy told the crowd. Molloy faces expulsion from the ALP over her opposition to the dam. Protesters are concerned that the dam will displace many residents, destroy homes and threaten endangered animals. They say that it is a case of political point scoring rather than a genuine solution.

Paul Benedek

From Green Left Weekly, June 14, 2006.
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