JarheadDirected by Sam MendesScreenplay by William Broyles Jr, based on the book by Anthony Swofford With Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Chris Cooper and Jamie FoxxShowing at major cinemas REVIEW BY CHRIS DUGAN In the book Jarhead, author
Marx in SohoWritten by Howard ZinnIron Age TheatreWith Bob Weick Imagine if Karl Marx could return from the grave — but only for one hour — to answer the 120-plus years of bad press since his death. This is the concept of the Howard Zinn play
Melissa Hughes The passing of the federal "voluntary student unionism" (VSU) legislation means that universities now face an uphill battle to ensure that student organisations continue to receive funding. There is evidence already that this will
Peter Boyle On March 2, John Howard will have been prime minister of Australia for 10 years. Sadly, if the pollsters are right, more than 60% expect his government to win the next federal election. This despite the fact that his main policies are
SYDNEY — More than 200 people packed a February 25 forum to hear Venezuelan revolutionary and deputy to the Latin American parliament Carolus Wimmer speak. Participants engaged in several hours of thought-provoking discussion about Venezuela's
The February 19 British Sunday Times featured a new Green Audit report indicating that depleted uranium from the 2003 bombing of Iraq spread across Europe and reached Britain within nine days. Radiation detectors in Britain recorded a quadrupling of
Leo Zeilig, Johannesburg The March 1 municipal elections in South Africa have again triggered questioning of the future of the Tripartite Alliance, the coalition led by the governing African National Congress (ANC) that includes the South African
BRISBANE — One hundred people participated in a Green Left Weekly twilight river cruise on February 19, with entertainment from Adrian and Andrew (pictured), Nelson Mansilla and Ovidio Orellana, and delicious Mediterranean food. The cruise
On February 18, the 43 US members of the World Council of Churches issued a statement denouncing the US-led war on Iraq "launched in deception and violating global norms of justice and human rights. We mourn all who have died or been injured in this
Duncan Meerding, Hobart The Socialist Alliance will be contesting Tasmania's March 18 state election, standing two candidates in the south of the state, in Franklin and Denison. The socialists will be running on a platform of opposition to the
Graham Matthews Since its adoption as the national flag in 1901, the Australian flag has stood for colonialism, racism and militarism. So it was no coincidence that the anti-Lebanese rioters at Sydney's Cronulla beach last December draped
Kerryn Williams On February 20, four members of the Left Socialist party (VS) were arrested and three others had arrest orders issued against them. The activists were accused of violating the section of Denmark's criminal code relating to support
The following statement was endorsed by a large number of women and women's organisations across Australia last week following PM John Howard's latest anti-Muslim comments. We are a group of Australian women from diverse ethnic and cultural
Kim Bullimore On February 18, the newly elected, Hamas dominated, Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) was officially sworn in, despite attempts by the Israeli military to disrupt the ceremony, which opened the way for a Palestinian government to
Kevin Healy, Melbourne Since Bill Hartley died at the age of 76 on February 18, a number of friends have spontaneously proffered that it is the end of an era. Looking at Bill's 76 years, it is not hard to understand why — he became part of the
Benjamin Ball, Kathmandu Since King Gyanendra seized direct power in February 2005, the Nepalese security forces have arrested hundreds of political leaders, trade unionists, student activists, journalists, and human rights defenders. More


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