Anne Goddard Shadow minister for resources Martin Ferguson has joined the "nuclear push". This is despite the fact that the ALP's policy recognises that uranium mining presents "unprecedented hazards and risks", including threats to human health
KURANDA — The Wet Tropics Management Authority is considering an application from the Department of Main Roads to downgrade the zoning of a high-conservation Wet Tropics World Heritage Area to accommodate the proposed Kuranda Range four-lane
Alex Bainbridge, Sydney Sixty unionists and their supporters gathered to defend specialised maintenance workers at the Sydney Opera House on February 24. The protest was directed against a new anti-union contractor who has refused employment to the
PERTH — Campaigning in the Victoria Park electorate for John Tattersall, the Socialist Alliance candidate in the March 11 by-election, is well under way. Tattersall, a committed trade union activist, is using the campaign to circulate an open
The US National Counterterrorism Centre has 325,000 names on its list of terrorists or people who aid them, according to the February 15 Washington Post. An unnamed official told the Post that "The vast majority are non-US persons and do not live in
Bring them all back now! The Socialist Alliance views the February 21 announcement by the Australian government to send 200 more troops to Afghanistan as a regressive development, and calls on it to reverse the decision and to remove all the
Max Lane The application for asylum by 43 West Papuan political activists and their families, who arrived on Australia's Cape York peninsula in January after a five-day voyage on a rickety boat, brought the political and social situation in the
Lisa Macdonald Last December, Armidale ALP branch president Tony Ramsay voiced the views of many rank-and-file ALP members when he addressed a meeting of Citizens Concerned 4 Democracy about the "insidious" slide to repressive governance in
Sue Bolton, Melbourne During the last half of 2005, almost 3400 union-negotiated workplace agreements were certified as unions rushed to get new three-year agreements before the federal government's Work Choices legislation is enacted. Many
We live in a world dominated by war, racism, poverty, environmental destruction and oppression. We are told that these disasters are inevitable: they are part of "human nature", and there is nothing we can do about them. But there is no human gene
SYDNEY — On February 15, Iranian members of different left-wing groups in Sydney travelled to Canberra to join with representatives of trade unions to protest outside the Iranian embassy. The action was one of a series held around the world, called
In 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, an engineer at Israel's Dimona nuclear centre, revealed to the London Sunday Times the existence of the secret Israeli nuclear weapons program. He was kidnapped in Italy by Mossad, the Israeli secret service, following his
Message Stick: Pay it Forward — Inside the lives and characters of Indigenous Australians with stories presented from their own perspective. ABC, Friday, March 3, 6pm. One Night in Bhopal — Tells how a deadly chemical gas escaped from the Union
The first issue of the Workers Charter newspaper was published in February, establishing a new forum for "workers to talk to workers". The paper's editor, well-known leftist John Minto, wrote in the first edition that the paper and the Workers
Doug Lorimer In a report filed on February 15 from the Iraqi city of Samarra, 125 kilometres north of Baghdad, US Knight Ridders Newspapers correspondent Tom Lasseter described seeing a 21-year-old Texan named Michael Pena blast away from a school
AWB I The Howard government is hiding behind the AWB's company status arguing that it only has remote oversight over its business operations. Although this is a dishonest excuse the disaster would then be the direct result of its failed small


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