Message Stick: Pay it Forward — Inside the lives and characters of Indigenous Australians with stories presented from their own perspective. ABC, Friday, March 3, 6pm. One Night in Bhopal — Tells how a deadly chemical gas escaped from the Union
The first issue of the Workers Charter newspaper was published in February, establishing a new forum for "workers to talk to workers". The paper's editor, well-known leftist John Minto, wrote in the first edition that the paper and the Workers
Doug Lorimer In a report filed on February 15 from the Iraqi city of Samarra, 125 kilometres north of Baghdad, US Knight Ridders Newspapers correspondent Tom Lasseter described seeing a 21-year-old Texan named Michael Pena blast away from a school
On February 17, Aceh Referendum Information Centre (SIRA) offices in West Aceh were attacked by militia, who destroyed a typewriter, radio and other office equipment. They also took documents including records of SIRA meetings and pushed SIRA staff
On February 22, the giant US-owned Freeport gold and copper mine in West Papua was forced to suspend operations following a demonstration by hundreds of people who live in the surrounding area. The demonstrators blocked the mine's access road after
Susan Price, Sydney On February 21, staff at the University of NSW launched their 2006 enterprise bargaining campaign. The launch, organised by the UNSW branch of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), coincided with the first day of
Under a front-page banner headline "Iraq on brink of religious war", the February 24 Australian claimed that "Iraq was on the brink of civil war with up to 50 Sunni mosques destroyed and three imams slain in a wave of violence to avenge the bombing
Doug Lorimer On February 15, the US House of Representatives adopted a resolution by 404 to 4 votes condemning "the government of Iran for violating its international nuclear non-proliferation obligations and expressing support for efforts to
Zoe Kenny, Sydney The pressure on the NSW government to solve the cross city tunnel fiasco is continuing and Premier Morris Iemma is feeling the heat. On February 10, at a Council of Australian Governments meeting, he described the new CEO of
At the January World Social Forum in Caracas, Green Left Weekly's Rachel Evans and Maurice Farrell caught up with Ricardo Hung from the Alianza Lambda gay-rights organisation and Moises Rivera Lopez, the coordinator of the Sexual Riverside Network
A victory BBQ was held in Canberra on February 24 for three Filipino guest workers who spoke out against racist harassment and wage discrimination by their employers in the hospitality industry. The Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union
Marx in SohoWritten by Howard ZinnIron Age TheatreWith Bob Weick Imagine if Karl Marx could return from the grave — but only for one hour — to answer the 120-plus years of bad press since his death. This is the concept of the Howard Zinn play
Melissa Hughes The passing of the federal "voluntary student unionism" (VSU) legislation means that universities now face an uphill battle to ensure that student organisations continue to receive funding. There is evidence already that this will
Peter Boyle On March 2, John Howard will have been prime minister of Australia for 10 years. Sadly, if the pollsters are right, more than 60% expect his government to win the next federal election. This despite the fact that his main policies are
JarheadDirected by Sam MendesScreenplay by William Broyles Jr, based on the book by Anthony Swofford With Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Chris Cooper and Jamie FoxxShowing at major cinemas REVIEW BY CHRIS DUGAN In the book Jarhead, author
SYDNEY — More than 200 people packed a February 25 forum to hear Venezuelan revolutionary and deputy to the Latin American parliament Carolus Wimmer speak. Participants engaged in several hours of thought-provoking discussion about Venezuela's


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