By Sean Malloy MELBOURNE — "There is a real sentiment of seriousness amongst young people today. We know we can't play at politics, because it really is our lives and the lives of many others and the future of the planet at stake", said Kylie
Students, Science and Sustainability BRISBANE — The second "Students, Science and Sustainability" Conference, held at Griffith University July 15-17, drew between 150 and 200 students from around the country. The conference was organised
By Chris Beale Thailand goes to the polls on September 13, with nearly a thousand people still "missing" after the army's brutal crackdown against pro-democracy demonstrators. It seems highly doubtful, however, that these elections will be
By Norm Dixon LONDON — Britain's Ugandan community has appealed to international aid donors not to be taken in by "the fallacious propaganda of the government of Uganda". John Obwona-lanana, chairperson of the Ugandan Community in the UK,
A wealth of history "That word 'history' is unnervingly accurate", one feminist historian wryly noted in 1975. At around the same time, uncovering the role of women in Australian history became a large-scale feminist project. It has led to a
SYDNEY — Damsels Be Damned, a feminist rewriting of fairytales with the logic of a dream, is one of the short films on offer in the "Love Bites" festival of short films showing July 25 and 26 at Balmain Town Hall and August 1 and 2 at the Bondi
Peace activists freed from US jails By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Ciaron O'Reilly and Moana Cole, peace activists from Brisbane, have been released from prisons in the US after serving year-long sentences for damaging a B-52 bomber and a runway
Russia's birth rate I think David Kault (Write On, GLW 61, July 1) misses the point rather badly in his criticism of Irina Glushchenko's article, Russia's Population Falls (GLW 59, June 17). He says he's shocked that GLW should run an article
By Debbie McIlroy BONANG, Vic — The federal government's draft forest policy, released on July 7, states that it aims to protect "major old growth forests and wilderness areas" by the end of 1995. To conservationists concerned about the
By Tracy Sorensen Wollongong Out of Workers (WOW) was formed during the last recession in the early 80s. Many of the people it represents have not worked in the decade since. Right through the 1980s boom, the area's biggest employer, the BHP
Century of the child em = By Denis Kevans If you could look into their eyes as I do every day, You wouldn't write the things you write, or say the things you say, You wouldn't put these children down, and bruise their tender pride, And
Indonesian military to set up TV station By Michael Tardif The Indonesian military (ABRI) plans to establish its own television station. Chief of staff Vice Admiral Soedibyo Rahardjo announced the plan at the opening ceremony for three new
Reappraising ockerdom Following the success of last year's inaugural festival, the 1992 Australian Film Festival opens around Australia on July 23. Each state has its own program of public screenings and events between July and September.
A student of Soviet history and politics, ROGER MARKWICK first visited the Soviet Union at the very beginning of perestroika, as a language student and tourist. Seven years later he returned, this time as a research student, to the newly
By Peter Boyle "Tax the rich, ACTU urges" and "ACTU's $1b jobs plan" were some of the headlines describing proposals discussed at the ACTU wages committee on July 15. In fact, the proposals from the peak union body were nowhere near as
By Peter Boyle "It looks like it is going to be more hot air", said Resistance spokesperson Francesca Davidson about the Keating government's July 22 "Youth Jobs Summit". "Young people have been told that it is a summit about us, but we are not


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