By Kevin Healy A bit of cooperation in the workplace, and all our troubles will be over. Take Alpha Engineering and Condoms, down there in West Brunswick. "It is imperative", chairman of the board Roger Rich told the staff and their unions,
During World War II, the industrial city of Chelyabinsk in the southern Urals was dubbed "Tankograd" (Tank City), as its huge tractor factory was switched to producing the tanks crucial to Soviet victory. Today Chelyabinsk and its people are
Feminists blamed for bookshop raid A police raid on a gay bookshop in Canada is being blamed on some feminists, according to the Sydney newspaper Capital Q. Police raided the Toronto bookshop on April 30 and charged the owner and manager with
By Steve Painter What is foreign minister Gareth Evans trying to hide in Bougainville, asks Australian lawyer Rosemary Gillespie, just returned from a visit to the blockaded island, which she entered via a small boat from the neighbouring
Judith Ward was released from prison on May 11 after successfully challenging the British system of justice which had confined her to 18 years imprisonment when for years nearly all those concerned — the police, the courts and the British Home
The Liberal convention The Liberal Party is the only thing in Australian politics capable of making the Labor Party look relatively good, and the Liberals did their darnedest to that end in their July 2-5 national convention in Sydney. Besides
By Rose McCann SYDNEY — NSW education minister Virginia Chadwick has backed away from changes to the years 7-10 geography syllabus after an unrepresentative elite of private school principals rammed through a number of amendments. The course
By Tony Smith Prime Minister Keating has argued that youth unemployment — for the whole "cohort" — is "only" 10%. He claims credit for increasing school retention rates in the age group, so perhaps this calculation is reasonable. Others
My Sky, My Home A film directed by Slamet Rahardjo Djarot Showing at AFI Cinema, Paddington, Sydney Until July 16 Reviewed by Sarah Armstrong My Sky, My Home has been touted as another Salaam Bombay — the Indian film which gave such
By Max Lane The leftist Partido ng Bayan (People's Party) has called on the new Philippines president, Fidel Ramos, to take specific measures towards a political settlement of the country's ongoing insurgency. Ramos, who was inaugurated on
By Michael Schembri Our politics is based on our sexuality. We are oppressed because we have sex with others of our own sex. We are not essentially apparent to everybody else. We can hide. But having to hide is part of our oppression. States
By Peter Boyle Official unemployment for June reached a postwar record high of 11.1% nationally, up from 10.6% the previous month. In South Australia the jobless rate was 12.5%, in Victoria 11.9% and in Tasmania 11.8%. Unemployment among
By Rose McCann The July 1 United States Supreme Court ruling on abortion has "blown a hole through Roe vs Wade big enough to drive a truck through", according to US feminist Gloria Steinem. She described the decision as "devious": while it
Hard times 1 "It's very difficult to drive into the office at nine on a Friday morning, fire 10 people and get into a $150,000 Mercedes and drive away again." — Ron Klein, managing director of Klein and Associates, on the social stigma of
Queensland forests 'cleared like Amazon' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland is losing proportionately as much forest and woodland each year through clearing as the Amazon basin of South America, according to state officials. Queensland
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Activists have halted logging in a part of the Tantawangalo State Forest in south-east NSW, in a reinvigorated campaign to save remaining old growth native forests. About 200 people gathered in coupe 944 on July


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