Queensland forests 'cleared like Amazon' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland is losing proportionately as much forest and woodland each year through clearing as the Amazon basin of South America, according to state officials. Queensland
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Activists have halted logging in a part of the Tantawangalo State Forest in south-east NSW, in a reinvigorated campaign to save remaining old growth native forests. About 200 people gathered in coupe 944 on July
By Deb Sorensen MELBOURNE — As increasing public attention focuses on youth anger over persistent unemployment, Resistance held its 21st national conference here on July 4-6. Young activists came from across the country to plan action around
Forum praised on environment Greenpeace has welcomed the emphasis of the South Pacific Forum, just concluded, on environmental issues, but says there is still a long way to go. "The South Pacific leaders know that environmental issues are not
High Court challenge to Cleary By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The High Court will hear a challenge to left independent Phil Cleary's victory in the April by-election for former prime minister Bob Hawke's Victorian seat of Wills. The
By Ian Jamieson BURNIE — For many, the lasting image of the APPM dispute will remain the widely televised clashes in which hundreds of pickets held out courageously against court-ordered police attempts to escort a handful of scabs into the
Real women do have muscles The large pink blister on gymnast Michelle Telfer's wrist is testament to the gruelling regime of athletes in training for the Olympics. Its painful presence in the foreground of a photograph on the front cover of the
A 16-year-old retail worker currently earns $192 a week, rising to $346 at the age of 20. Under Hewson's plan, this person old would get only $114 a week, and 18-20-year-olds would get $133. Peter Ritchie, the managing director of McDonald's fast
By Norm Dixon LONDON — "The South African government is responsible for the violence because it does not want to stop it ... De Klerk is lying when he says he knows nothing about it. Either his government is directly concerned or they are
Bigger than the dinosaur Bully for Brontosaurus By Stephen Jay Gould Penguin, 1992. 540 pp. $16.95. Reviewed by Allen Myers You can't judge a book by its cover, but the cover may contain a few hints. It says something, for example, when


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