Too many cops


Too many cops

em = By John Tomlinson

There are too many cops here in Canberra,

coppers who lie and cheat.

But the bourgeoisie of the ACT

wants more of them on the beat.
There are too many cops here in Canberra

coppers who bash and who maim.

But the bourgeoisie of the ACT

wants more of them all the same.
They had a Commissioner in Canberra

who shot him we'll never know.

But it's one cop less

and it caused no distress,

it seems like the way to go.
The coppers they blamed a pensioner.

the people they blamed the police,

But the bourgeoisie of the ACT

told us "that is not very nice".
I went down to Olims Hotel

to hear Kevin Carmody sing

The biggest mob of cops turned up

oh what a wondrous thing,
Well Kevin's a black man from Queensland

his weapon an electric guitar

the welcome the cops gave him in Canberra

was meant to ensure he'd go far.
Migrants, the young and Aborigines

get the rough end of the stick.

In Canberra the rich have a good time

and down here the coppers are quick —

or thick

or sick.

Maybe they're quick

and they're thick

and they're sick.
Now the copper's they pulled out their batons

and rushed up the stairs towards me.

I held out my hand said "You don't understand

It's a concert by Kevin Carmody

It's a concert by Kevin Carmody.
They would not take cheques

they'd come strait from Aidex

to the concert by Kevin Carmody

to the concert by Kevin Carmody.
The coppers were there by the score

not to arrest the rich crooks

or to round up lost chooks

they were there to hassle the poor.
To the magistrate's court I was brought

for once the coppers refused to be bought.

For the bourgeoisie of the ACT that was food for thought.
The cops they lied to a man

as only a copper can

all their stories were straight

though some had come late ...

They lied when they said I resisted

They lied when they said I kicked out

for the bourgeoisie of the ACT

I'm just another lout.
They're cutting more staff in health

increasing police budgets by stealth

corruption and fraud is by coppers ignored

and welfare we just can't afford.
There are too many cops here in Canberra

cops never go out on their own.

So if you're poor, or you're Black

or you're homeless

then don't walk the street here alone.
So ignore your betters

please listen to me

if you're down on your uppers

you can't trust the coppers

cause they are all rotters

down here in the ACT.

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