Alex Bainbridge, Hobart Until recently, protest organisers could book the Tasmanian Parliament Lawns for a rally with a phone call to check they were free, and a follow-up confirmation letter. However, when Kamala Emanuel from the Peace Coalition
On February 22, an Israeli court handed down one of the most serious punishments to an Israeli soldier for illegally killing a Palestinian — four-and-a-half months in prison. On June 8, 2003, an Israeli soldier at a Jenin checkpoint spotted a
MELBOURNE — Around 120 people dressed in red rallied outside parliament house in Melbourne on February 22 in opposition to the state Labor goverment's plans to dredge Port Phillip Bay and deepen the channel. In six weeks, 20,000 signatures were
On February 12, Canadian mining company TVI sent eviction notices out in an attempt to evict 86 families from the Subanen tribe, which is the Philippines' biggest tribe. TVI operates an open-cut gold mine, which has encroached onto the Subanen's
Alex Bainbridge, Hobart Forest campaign initiatives in Tasmania are beginning to gather momentum again after a lull following the October re-election of the pro-logging federal Coalition government. The December announcement that woodchip company
Matthew Davies Perception is everything in the warfare of the "Communications Age", as it is with an army's humanitarian relief operations. Has Indonesia's controversial military "come of age' among the world's many civilian and military aid teams
Raul Bassi On March 1, a new government takes power in Uruguay. But what can the Uruguayan people hope for from it? Uruguay was badly hit by the economic crisis that spread through Latin America after 1999. In particular, the country was badly
John Martinkus is a respected author and journalist, one of the few to raise awareness of the plights of the people of East Timor, West Papua and Aceh. More recently he has turned his attention to Iraq, where he was kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents in
James Balowski, Jakarta In the boldest statement on the subject to date, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has signalled that the US is ready to restore full military training ties with the Indonesian military (TNI). But the announcement
Another three children from the Guarani tribe starved to death in 2004, as the tribe's lack of access to farmland threatens a deep crisis. Fifteen Guarani children starved to death in 2003. In the last 70 years, the tribe has been gradually evicted
It's Like ThatWritten by Sophie Raymond Directed by the Southern Ladies Animation GroupShowing at the Darwin Film Society's Flix In The Wet, Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinema, march 13, 14 & 21For session times, phone (08) 8981 0700 or visit
Tanya Reinhart, Tel Aviv The February 8 Sharm-el-Sheikh summit of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been hailed in the Western media as the opening of a new era. This is the climax of a
On February 23, Will Saunders and Dave Burgess were recalled to the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal for judgement on the appeal against their conviction and sentences for painting "No war" on the Opera House the day US President George Bush announced
March 2 1905: Following protests in New Zealand, Maori people are given "European status" under the White Australia policy. March 3 2004: Victorian teachers strike, demanding an end to contract labour. March 4 1804: 300 Irish convicts
Stuart Munckton, Sydney On February 23, members of the Resistance socialist club at the University of Technology, Sydney were prohibited by David Redden, a representative of the UTS Union, from leafleting students and selling Green Left Weekly at
BY SARAH STEPHEN An exhibition of photographs depicting women in a series of degrading poses — bound, handcuffed, chained and hooded like tortured Iraqi prisoners — aims to highlighting the epidemic of domestic violence in Australia. "Last


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