LISMORE — Celebrating the arrival of the 2005 Freedom Ride on February 21 were (from left) ride participant Liberty Riverine, original 1965 Freedom Rider Beth Hansen, Tess Brill from Lismore, Bundjalung Elders Agnes Roberts and Bertha Kapeen and
After being shot three times by the new "non-lethal" weapon used by US police, the stun Taser, a 57-year-old man's heart stopped beating on February 18. Joel Casey, who was being arrested on a mental health warrant, was pronounced dead upon arrival
John Seed & Ruth Rosenhek, Tiruvanammalai Tiruvanammalai is a bustling city in the state of Tamil Nadu near the south-east tip of India. Dominating the landscape is the sacred mountain Arunachala, which, according to Hindu mythology, is the form
Another three children from the Guarani tribe starved to death in 2004, as the tribe's lack of access to farmland threatens a deep crisis. Fifteen Guarani children starved to death in 2003. In the last 70 years, the tribe has been gradually evicted
John Martinkus is a respected author and journalist, one of the few to raise awareness of the plights of the people of East Timor, West Papua and Aceh. More recently he has turned his attention to Iraq, where he was kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents in
Vannessa Hearman, Melbourne With maritime boundary negotiations between East Timor and Australia set to resume in Canberra on March 7, the Timor Sea Justice Campaign has called for a trust fund to be established. According to the TSJC, the
On February 19, days before he was due to present a paper entitled "Presidential succession in Botswana: No model for Africa", Professor Kenneth Good found three men on his doorstep with handcuffs. Telling the 72-year-old, who lives alone with his
Jon Lamb, Darwin As the spot price for uranium continues to climb, more mining companies are expressing interest in developing new uranium mines in the Northern Territory. On February 15, French mining company Cogema made public its interest in
March 2 1905: Following protests in New Zealand, Maori people are given "European status" under the White Australia policy. March 3 2004: Victorian teachers strike, demanding an end to contract labour. March 4 1804: 300 Irish convicts
Tanya Reinhart, Tel Aviv The February 8 Sharm-el-Sheikh summit of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been hailed in the Western media as the opening of a new era. This is the climax of a
BY SARAH STEPHEN Most artists who make it big in Australia don't look back. But John Butler isn't one of them. The social justice issues that fuelled much of his musical passion and creativity over the years — the environment, Indigenous issues,
Dick Nichols On February 20, voters handed a humiliating thrashing to Portugal's incumbent conservative Social-Democratic and Popular Party (SDP-PP) coalition, returning the centre-left Socialist Party to government with an outright majority. The