Alison Dellit With tears in her eyes, radical lawyer Lynne Stewart braved reporters on the steps of the New York Courthouse in which she had just been convicted of conspiring to aid terrorists on February 10. "I hope this will be a wake-up call
The following is abridged from a call issued by a group of Melbourne activists, who can be reached at <wajpp@yahoo.com>. In March, Israeli president Moshe Katsav will tour Australia. We are calling upon all concerned with the systematic
BY LINDA WALDRON In Lahore in early December, I met Toni Usman, a Norwegian actor of Pakistani descent working in Pakistan for a month to produce a special edition of the left-wing newspaper Mazdoor Jeddojuhd (Workers' Struggle). This January 13
[The following statement by detainees at the Baxter detention centre in South Australia was issued on February 8.] The public inquiry into the happenings of the unlawful detention of Cornelia Rau should not be short-sighted but expanded into an
On February 9, the French National Assembly passed a bill to significantly weaken the 35-hour work week won in 1998. The bill, passed four days after 300,000 people marched to defend the 35-hour work week, will now go to the Senate, where it is
Max Lane The March 24 public meeting that will set the Third Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference (APISC 2005) in motion will not feature a panel of speakers from Asia or the Pacific island countries. A single speaker — former US
On February 5, National Guard General Felipe Rodriguez was arrested in Venezuela. Rodriguez was charged by state prosecutor Danilo Anderson, since murdered, with being involved in bombing the Spanish and Colombian embassies two years ago and for his
Michelle Brear, Sydney The coronial inquest into the death of Thomas "TJ" Hickey was a "whitewash", Ray Jackson, president of the Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA), told the 150-strong crowd that packed Redfern Town Hall on February 8.
Che Guevara Chris Slee's review of Mike Gonzalez's book Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution (GLW #614), while challenging the author's anti-Che biases and cliches, unfortunately introduces a few of his own. Che did not intend to "initiate a
Pip Hinman Debate over the Defence Amendment Bill — introduced into the Senate in 2004 by the Australian Democrats — continued on February 10, with the Greens again calling for Australian troops to be brought home from Iraq. The current
Marce Cameron Cuban president Fidel Castro told thousands of delegates to the first World Literacy Congress in Havana on February 1 that he had closely watched the inauguration ceremony of US President George Bush on January 20 and saw "the face of
Lara Pullin Federal health minister Tony Abbott's push to restrict (and eventually outlaw) women's access to legal abortion services continues to gather momentum, with more Coalition and some Labor MPs joining in the call for a "public debate"
Jan Lacey, Australia Asia Worker Links coordinator for the Stolen Wages Project, died on January 17. Jan was born in Melbourne into a working-class family. She started working in retail when she was young and later went to work at Leeds Dyeworks in
John Pilger National myths are usually partly true. In Australia, the myth of an egalitarian society, or "fair go", has an extraordinary history. Long before most of the world, Australia had a minimum wage, a 35-hour working week, child benefits
Sue Bolton, Melbourne On February 2, 40 members and officials from 10 unions in Victoria founded the Defend the Unions Committee to coordinate resistance to the federal Coalition government's planned attack on union rights — its industrial
On February 4, New York's state supreme justice Doris Ling-Cohan ruled that the state's Domestic Relations Law, which prohibits same-sex marriages, was unconstitutional because it denied the right to equal protection. Ling-Cohen likened the ban on


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