On February 4, 60,000 public sector workers walked off the job to protest a climbing cost of living and government hostility to working people. Five thousand marched through the capital city of Ougadougou on the day. Public sector unions are
Doug Lorimer "I call on all religious and political powers that pushed towards the elections and took part in them to issue an official statement calling for a timetable for the withdrawal of the occupation forces from Iraq", Moqtada al Sadr, the

"I hear there's rumours on the internets [sic] that we're going to have a draft. We're not going to have a draft, period. The all-volunteer army works... We're not going to have a draft so long as I'm the president", George Bush

Selena Black, Sydney On February 11, hundreds of building workers were sacked in Sydney and Queensland by the collapsed company Walter Construction Group. Walter went into receivership on February 1 and many more of its 1000 employees are likely
BRISBANE — A Socialist Alliance forum on February 8 screened videos on the history and current stage of the Acehnese national liberation movement, and heard two speakers recount stories of recent upheavals and past conflict. Coral Wynter
Duroyan Fertl On January 26, up to 250,000 Ecuadorians marched in Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador. Their demands included an end to rampant corruption and crime, improved health and sanitation services, and the reinstatement of the Supreme
During Easter, refugee-rights activists will converge on the Baxter Immigration Detention Centre near Port Augusta, South Australia, to protest against the ongoing human rights abuses of asylum seekers. Green Left Weekly's Virginia Brown spoke to
Stuart Munckton In an editorial on January 14 attacking the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the Washington Post wrote, "Mr. Chavez has pushed through a new law that allows the government to fine or shut down private media for
Trevor Ngwane, Johannesburg The World Social Forum is coming to Africa in 2007. This is great news. But how exactly will the coming of the WSF to Africa in 2007 advance the struggle against neoliberalism and capitalist domination? This is an
Within his first 100 days in power, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono broke his election promise not to increase the price of petrol, kerosene and natural gas. Yudhoyono announced in early February that oil prices would increase this
Blaktrax: Gumbainggir Lady — Features Emma Donovan, a young Gumbainggir woman from an Aboriginal family well-known in the music scene. Her vocal style is influenced by country, gospel and soul. SBS, Saturday, February 19, 5.30pm. Cutting Edge:
Mike Stark, Chicago In 1999, I was driving Ossie Davis around Washington, D.C., during a visit he made to participate in a delegation to the White House in support of Pennsylvania death row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Drawing on his Georgia roots,
Alex Salmon, Perth The campaign for the February 26 Western Australian election has become dominated by the issue of how to solve the problem of water supply in the state's south-west, including metropolitan Perth. In the drought-stricken farming
Doug Lorimer As the candidate most identified with the US occupation, former CIA pin-up boy Iyad Allawi's career took a nose dive in the January 30 Iraqi elections. With Allawi finishing a distant third after Sistani's United Iraqi Alliance and the
On February 14, 2004, a 17-young-old Aboriginal man from Kamilaroi — Thomas "T.J." Hickey — was flung from his bicycle and impaled on a metal fence while being pursued by Redfern police. His death the following day in hospital sparked a community
On February 5, workers in the two factories in the free-trade zone in Ouanaminthe, north Haiti, reached an agreement with the Grupo M company that runs the zone to resolve a seven-month dispute. In June, more than 350 workers, including all known


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