Alison Dellit More than 200 people attended the 2005 Marxist Summer School held by the Democratic Socialist Perspective in Sydney on January 8-11. Participants discussed a wide range of topics relevant to Marxists today, from an analysis of the
John Catalinotto, New York Former CIA "asset" and current Iraqi "Premier" Iyad Allawi telephoned US President George Bush on January 3 to discuss problems about holding the January 30 national election in Iraq. The big question was whether the
Dave Riley The youth radicalisation that swept Australia in the late 1960s fostered a massive wave of hope and idealism. Many young people, keen to change a society that they found so wanting, identified with figures who gave their all to such a
Eric Ruder, Chicago After nearly two months of a savage US offensive, the people of Fallujah are returning to their city — to find heaps of rubble and whole neighbourhoods demolished. Operation Phantom Fury, as the US called its assault,
GERMANY: New left party to be launched In a ballot conducted in the now 6000-strong Electoral Alternative Work and Social Justice in December, an overwhelming 96% voted to formally launch a new left party at an extraordinary congress on January
Nicole Hilder, Wollongong Residential developer Stockland Development was found guilty on December 16 of disregarding planning rules after dumping thousands of tonnes of landfill on top of a sacred Aboriginal site at Sandon Point in northern
January 19 1969: Student Jan Palach sets himself on fire in Prague to protest the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. January 20 1932: El Salvador's government murders 30,000 peasants to end uprising. 1996: International strike lends
Capitalism Eva Cheng's review (GLW #609) of The Trouble with Capitalism by Harry Shutt was terrifically interesting, because it pointed up the highly interventionist character of capitalist states and debunked the commonly (still) held view that
Sarah Stephen Rebuilding the countries affected by the tsunami is a monumental task that will take many years. Some communities will never be the same — the landscape along the coastal regions has been permanently altered. The 15-metre salt
Women's oppression is often portrayed as a permanent feature of human life. The argument claims that the basic unit of society has always been the male-headed family made up of bread-winning, dominant father, nurturing, dominated mother, and their
Lisa Macdonald Since the federal election there have been hundreds of articles asking the obvious question: How could a Coalition that has been caught out in so many lies, provoked the biggest protest marches in Australian history, forced some in
Louise MichelEdited by Nick McClellanOcean Press, Melbourne, 2004 118 pages, $11.95Order from <http://www.oceanbooks.com.au>. REVIEW BY OWEN RICHARDS In 1871, for the first time in history, the working class "stormed heaven" by taking