Sonia Chirgwin On December 13, I flew from Bangkok to Australia on Thai Airways. After a long flight there was a stopover in Sydney for one hour prior to completing the flight in Melbourne, arriving at approximately midnight. The plane was then
Sarah Stephen In December, the Australian Federal Police charged four refugee supporters with the "crime" of assisting asylum seekers to escape Australia — punishable by two years' jail or a $5000 fine. We know that the government has little
John Pilger The West's crusaders, the United States and Britain, are giving less to help the tsunami victims than the cost of a stealth bomber or a week's bloody occupation of Iraq. The bill for US President George Bush's coming
When the policemen were olderthe postmen had whistlesand the Queen was a slip of a girlwhen the South Pole was colderand Ming had his Thistleand Mum wore a twinset and pearlswhen the menace was redand the peril was yellowand the potties all sucked up
Luisa Ara In the early hours of the morning of January 1, in Andahuaylas, one of Peru's poorest cities, approximately 150 ex-military rebels, members of the Peruvian Nationalist Movement (MNP) headed by Antauro Humala, stormed the city headquarters
Kim Bullimore On January 9, Mahmoud Abbas (also known as Abu Mazen) was elected the new president of the Palestinian Authority, with 62% of the popular vote, following the death late last year of Yasser Arafat. According to the corporate media, the
Alex Bainbridge, Hobart Woodchipping giant Gunns Limited issued a writ against 20 environmental activists and organisations on December 13, claiming their actions had hurt its business. Two days later, up to 700 people protested in Hobart to
Mike Whitney The US media has descended on the Asian tsunami with all the fervour of feral animals in a meat locker. The newspapers and TV's are plastered with bodies drifting out to sea, battered carcasses strewn along the beach and bloated babies
Russian academic Boris Kagarlitsky recently attended a conference in Caracas organised by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The following is excerpted from his account of the trip. In Venezuela, a revolution is taking place. In 1992 Colonel Hugo
Frank Marrinan, Sydney The police were called in twice to the Villawood immigration detention centre during the first week of January — once by management and once by a detainee. After a female detention officer and a Chinese woman detainee
John Roosa On December 25, one day before Aceh was devastated by an earthquake-driven tsunami, the Indonesian military (TNI) announced that it had just killed 18 pro-independence guerrillas in the province. Such news had long since become routine.
Federico Fuentes The New Year ushered in a new wave of protests and strikes that has threatened to end Bolivian President Carlos Mesa's term early. Already the latest events have completely polarised Bolivia, a country which witnessed 2000 protests