Eva Cheng At least four workers' protests or riots have broken out in recent weeks in China, prompting media blackout or outright repression. On October 22, more than 10,000 workers and pensioners in the city of Benghu in Anhui province took to
#3 UWA NTEU supports jailed unionist PERTH — On October 27, the University of Western Australia branch committee of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) passed a motion expressing concern at the jailing of Victorian trade unionist
Kevin Peoples, secretary of Labor For Refugees in Victoria, assesses the Labor Party after the federal election. I have let two weeks go by since the election to ensure a degree of objectivity and calmness in what I have to say. I have stayed
As the US election approached, Meredith Kolodner looked at the state of the anti-war struggle in the US for Socialist Worker, the paper of the US International socialist Organization. As the media focuses on questions of judgment, and politicians
Since Howard's federal election victory on October 9, Green Left Weekly's website has had a huge surge of visitors. It seems that many people, faced with the horrible prospect of three more years of Coalition government attacks on workers,
Matt Harris, Perth Many University of Western Australia students have been left wondering what the Student Guild actually means by its slogan "your guild, your voice" following the events of October 26. At an ordinary general meeting that day,
Peter Boyle The ALP's post-election flight to the right continues with the new shadow cabinet's review of leader Mark Latham's pre-election promise to withdraw Australian troops from Iraq. According to the October 29 Sydney Morning Herald, the
On October 7, British ITV showed a documentary by renowned journalist John Pilger that used recently released documents to show how the British government had conspired with the United States to expel the Chagos Islanders and turn their home
Refugees The Canberra Convergence on November 16 sounds fantastic. Some people question the purpose of demonstrations. They do not know the pressure they constitute, or the terrific buzz and morale lift for all involved. One stateless asylum
Jenny Francis Afghans voted for a new president on October 9, and hoped for a better future. After the events of that day, however, there is a growing fear that their hope is misplaced. While the official results were yet to be declared by
There are 2,078,570 people in prison in the US (more than in any other country in the world). In 1998, 68 people were executed in the US. Only two countries executed more. The US is the largest arms exporter in the world. In 2001, it exported
Rohan Pearce Opinion polls show that the US is almost evenly split on the issue of whether the Iraq war was worth fighting. You would expect, given this, that a candidate clearly opposed to the war would be getting considerable support, at least
Jim McIlroy, Brisbane The Coalition government's plans to create a new federal "super-ministry" — the Department of Human Services (DHS) — has been met with concern by public sector workers worried that it will involve outsourcing or
Can you recall? I remember that smell,from when I was a good German.I had a lovely uniform,with lightening strikes on the collars -I was stationed at Buchenvald. I too, can remember that smellI was a guard at Auschwitz.I remember the sad faces
The Manchurian CandidateDirected by Jonathan DemmeWritten by Daniel Pine & Dean GeorgarisWith Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep and Liev Schreiber. REVIEW BY JOE ALLEN This is not our parents' Manchurian Candidate. Unlike the 1962 Cold War classic
#2 Green groups slam SE Qld regional plan BRISBANE — Conservation organisations have criticised the Queensland government's draft south-east Queensland regional plan, released for public comment on October 27, labelling it a sham and a threat


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