On the Box


On the Box

Message Stick: Thancoupie Profiles Australia's most famous Indigenous potter renowned for creating stunning spherical forms with Indigenous designs. ABC, Friday November 5, 6pm.

Transamazonian Highway — Includes footage of the communities along the highway and the beauty of the surrounding landscape, as well as the corruption and devastation created by the gold rush and the fate of the Indians. SBS, Sunday, November 7, 10.30pm.

Lost Worlds: Metropolis: the Power of Cities — Athens bestowed upon our modern world the apparatus and ideology of the state and the birth of 'democracy'. SBS, Sunday, November 7, 7.30pm.

The Iron Ladies — From Thailand, the story of a queer volleyball team was the winner of various lesbian and gay film festivals wordwide. SBS, Tuesday, November 9, 1pm.

Cutting Edge: Young, Muslim And French — Looks at the lives of young Muslims in France and the intense debate over the introduction of a law banning the wearing of headscarves in schools. SBS, Tuesday, November 9, 8.30pm.

The Circle — A dramatic depiction of the oppression and discrimination faced by women in Iran. SBS, Wednesday, November 10, 10pm.

Souha: Surviving in Hell — Follows the story of Souha Bechara, a Lebanese Communist Party member who attempted to assassinate the chief of the South Lebanon Army who was collaborating with the Israeli Army. SBS, Thursday, November 11, 2pm.

From Green Left Weekly, November 3, 2004.
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