Indonesia: Art, Activism and Rock 'N' Roll — The members of Taring Padi use art as a medium for education and liberation to empower the working classes of Indonesia. SBS, Friday, August 13, 3.30pm. Message Stick: Bob Maza — Profiles Bob Maza,
Kerryn Williams On August 3, the Labor parliamentary caucus formally decided to endorse the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement, despite sustained opposition from unions, community groups and the ALP's own left faction. The same day, US President
3 Central Queensland protests US base Over 10% of the population of Yepoon, central Queensland, rallied on August 1 against plans for a joint US-Australia military "training centre" in nearby Shoalwater Bay. Hundreds of people took to the town
Stuart Munckton Staff and students at Sydney's Davidson High School have come under attack for their performance in this year's Rock Eisteddfod, which criticises the war on Iraq. On August 6, Socialist Alliance NSW Senate candidate Kylie Moon
One of the most famous writings in the history of socialism is the Junius Pamphlet, written by German socialist Rosa Luxemburg in 1915 while she was in prison for opposing the first world war. Obviously, many things have changed in the world and in
John Tognolini On May 10, 1989 the Cockatoo Island Dockyard shop committee, representing 13 unions, announced the occupation of the island in response to a decision by the Hawke Labor government to sell off the site. The dispute would last for 14
Sarah Stephen Virginia Leong was subjected to horrifying punishment for her protest on July 14 against the prospect of forced removal from Sydney's Villawood detention centre to the Baxter detention centre in the South Australian desert. Leong,
Bushwhacked: Life in George. W. Bush's AmericaBy Molly Ivins & Lou DuboseAllison and Busby & Wakefield Press, 2004$22.95(pb) REVIEW BY ALEX MILLER In a well-known passage of the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels comment on how
Michael McDonald, Brisbane On August 3, a public meeting at City Hall on the theme "Australia at the Crossroads" was attended by 800 people. The meeting called for "Howard out", but also for any new government to govern in the interests of all
Monopoly capitalism at work "California Attorney General Bill Lockyer today announced the distribution of [US]$407,454 in refund checks to 701 California cancer patients who overpaid for the Bristol-Myers Squibb (Bristol) drug Taxol... The Taxol
Norman Brewer, Berlin There is talk of an upcoming heisser herbst (hot autumn) in Germany at the moment. Already, Montagsdemonstrationen (Monday demonstrations) have resumed in East Germany. The tradition goes back to 1989, when mass protests
Peter Boyle Bernie Banton, 57-year-old acting president of the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia (ADFA), worked for Bradford Insulation, a subsidiary of James Hardie in Camelia between 1968 and 1974. He was diagnosed with asbestosis in 1999