2 Rally marks Hiroshima Day BRISBANE — Two-hundred people gathered in King George Square on August 6 to mark the anniversary of the US nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. The rally was followed by a candlelight procession on the theme
Independent US presidential candidate Ralph Nader recently spoke with Joshua Frank, author of the forthcoming book Left Out! How Liberals Did Bush's Work for Him. Given how worried the Democrats appear to be about your presidential run taking votes
Norm Dixon For at least 18 months now, Western governments have quietly stood by as the non-Arabic-speaking black farmers of the Darfur region in western Sudan have borne the brunt of a vicious ethnic-cleansing campaign carried out by
Tax No wonder the government can give back family payments of $600 per child. For struggling separated parents who are trying to do the best for their kids, the government takes 50 cents in every dollar of the family assistance paid by the
David Bacon, Los Angeles On June 22, the national convention of the Service Employees International Union — with 1.7 million members, the largest union in the US — voted unanimously to oppose the occupation of Iraq. A few days later, a
Doug Lorimer "I advise all countries that want to help Iraq not to send forces here. If such forces come to Iraq, they will be seen as collaborators of the occupation", Iraqi Shiite leader Sayed Moqtada al Sadr declared in a sermon in Kufa on July
Pip Hinman The Socialist Alliance candidate for Reid, Lisa Macdonald, called on August 6 for abortion to be removed from all state's criminal codes and health acts. She was responding to the comments by federal health minister Tony Abbott which
Kathy Newnam Over 10% of the population of Yepoon, in central Queensland, rallied on August 1 against plans for a joint US-Australia military "training centre" in nearby Shoalwater Bay. Hundreds of people took to the town centre to demand that
Kiraz Janicke, Perth Two-hundred people heard Ali Kazak, head of the Palestinian delegation to Australia, speak at public forums in Perth, Fremantle, Darlington, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia (UWA) during the first week
Sue Bolton The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) held its biennial conference in Sydney on July 26-30. Delegates to the conference report that it was quite different to the previous conference with a lot of guest speakers and not a lot
WarWritten by Lars NorenDirected by Frank McNamaraNew Theatre, Newtown, SydneyUntil August 21Bookings (02) 9519 8958$25/$20 REVIEW BY RACHEL EVANS War, written by one of Europe's most prolific playwrights, is a confronting, incisive portrayal of
Doug Lorimer In the wake of rebel Iraqi Shiite leader Sayed Moqtada al Sadr's refusal to collaborate with Washington's puppet Interim Government of Iraq (IGI), US occupation forces have violated their ceasefire agreement with Sadr's Madhi Army
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