Doug Lorimer In the wake of rebel Iraqi Shiite leader Sayed Moqtada al Sadr's refusal to collaborate with Washington's puppet Interim Government of Iraq (IGI), US occupation forces have violated their ceasefire agreement with Sadr's Madhi Army
WarWritten by Lars NorenDirected by Frank McNamaraNew Theatre, Newtown, SydneyUntil August 21Bookings (02) 9519 8958$25/$20 REVIEW BY RACHEL EVANS War, written by one of Europe's most prolific playwrights, is a confronting, incisive portrayal of
Rachel Evans At a National Marriage Coalition forum held in Canberra on August 4, federal Labor shadow attorney-general Nicola Roxon said the ALP would pass the Howard government's gay marriage ban during the current sitting of parliament. The
James Crafti, Melbourne Zoe Kenny, Socialist Alliance candidate for the federal Seat of Melbourne, has welcomed the call by Richard Frankland, founder of the new pro-Indigenous Your Voice party, for a bill of rights. "We hope to be able to work
The number of workers in Australia who work overtime on a regular basis increased to 37%, or almost 3 million, in November 2003 Three years earlier, 33% of employees worked regular overtime Only 38% of employees working overtime were paid for it
Chris Slee, Melbourne The August 3 meeting of Australia-Asia Worker Links discussed how unions should respond to "offshoring" — the transfer of work from Australia to other countries. The feature speaker was Steve Cilia, a former IBM worker now
Riki Lane Most of the left argues that our prime task is to "support the Iraqi national resistance". Socialist Alliance (SA) and its two largest affiliates, the Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP) and the International Socialist Organisation
Eva Cheng If you believe the corporate media's spin, on July 31 the World Trade Organisation's 147 members agreed democratically on a "framework" that will help revive negotiations on world trade rules that were scuttled last September. Poor
Marcus Strom Josh Heuchan died tragically on July 30 in a skiing accident while holidaying in New Zealand. He was only 33. Josh was a special human being, a dear friend and comrade: he was committed to the ideals of trade unionism, of communism and
Green Left Weekly's Kerryn Williams spoke to David Henry, clinical pharmacology professor at Newcastle University and former Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee member, about how the proposed US-Australia Free Trade Agreement will undermine
Rohan Pearce Most commentators in the Australian corporate media, whether the unashamedly hard-right terriers of the Murdoch empire or the "liberal" chihuahuas of the Fairfax press, have subjected Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11 to relentless
Alison Dellit Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz used his July 26 speech commemorating the 1953 attack on the Moncada Barracks to refute US State Department allegations about prostitution in Cuba. On July 16, US President George Bush described Cuba