WASHINGTON — "The big fossil fuel industries have turned what was supposed to be the jewel in the crown of the Earth Summit into a lump of coal", commented Greenpeace spokesperson Paul Hohnen on the Earth Summit global warming accord signed by
New assembly laws introduced By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Around 200 people rallied in the Queen Street Mall here on May 22 to defend the right of free speech, in the wake of the introduction of new public assembly laws by attorney-general Dean
Talking union ADELAIDE — A mass meeting of vehicle workers from Mitsubishi's Tonsley Park and Lonsdale plants threw out a proposed enterprise agreement on May 22. The 3000 angry workers jeered VBEF union officials who supported the package,
Women's business By Tracy Sorensen Anthropologist Diane Bell tells the story of driving Aboriginal women to their home camp across the Central Australian desert. It was dark, and she took a wrong fork in the dirt track. Suddenly, she was
By Sally Low and Peter Annear PRAGUE — Ironically, the Suma Mountains region owes its largely unspoiled condition to the old Czechoslovak regime. Bordering on Austria and (West) Germany, for several decades it was closed off to most
MELBOURNE — Malaysian sawn timber imports fell last year to their second lowest level since 1954, according to figures compiled by the Melbourne Rainforest Action Group (MRAG). This fall was partly due a shift in consumer preference towards
By Michael Karadjis On May 6, a court in Greece, which regards itself as "the birthplace of democracy", sentenced four people to 19 months in prison for handing out a leaflet. Another six people are already spending six months in jail for
Apology to Senator Michael Tate In the Green Left Weekly of 1st April, 1992 an article was published under the headline "Cops raid Launceston jobless group" which referred to a raid on the offices of the Unemployed Workers Union in Launceston
By Norm Dixon The determination of the South African government to entrench white minority rule in any new constitution has stalled the Conference for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) negotiations. The uncompromising demand of President F.W.
Cuba stands up to blockade By Elizabeth Llewellyn SYDNEY — Cuba is successfully adopting emergency measures to cope with the United States economic blockade and the collapse of its trade with the former eastern bloc, visiting Cuban trade


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