Cuba stands up to blockade By Elizabeth Llewellyn SYDNEY — Cuba is successfully adopting emergency measures to cope with the United States economic blockade and the collapse of its trade with the former eastern bloc, visiting Cuban trade
Apology to Senator Michael Tate In the Green Left Weekly of 1st April, 1992 an article was published under the headline "Cops raid Launceston jobless group" which referred to a raid on the offices of the Unemployed Workers Union in Launceston
By Norm Dixon The determination of the South African government to entrench white minority rule in any new constitution has stalled the Conference for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) negotiations. The uncompromising demand of President F.W.
By Ian Jamieson BURNIE — In a massive display of solidarity with striking pulp mill workers, 1500 people marched through Burnie on May 18 to protest against what local unionists are calling Associated Pulp and Paper's industrial terrorism.
By Peter Chiltern The Federal Court has ordered Federal Police to return computers worth about $17,000 seized in a raid on the Launceston Unemployed Workers Union two months ago. During the hearing, Justice Northrop was critical of police
Sexual harassment alleged at Australia Post By Angela Matheson SYDNEY — Complaints from female staff and a male worker of sexual harassment at Australia Post are being investigated by the Women's Electoral Lobby (WEL) and the Human Rights
Return blocked SAN SALVADOR, May 14 — The FMLN charged yesterday that the government is blocking the return home of 258 war-wounded who received medical attention in Cuba. The FMLN says the wounded had received treatment, physical
Good enough without the recipe Julia Has Two Lovers Directed by Bashar Shbib Starring Daphna Kastner, David Duchovny, David Charles Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti Financed on the scrounge and put together with a weeny $19,000 outlay, this
By Peter Boyle Rising smog levels, deteriorating water quality and predictions of future water shortages for most major cities in Australia add to a widespread sense of urban crisis. It seems as if our cities are set to continue expanding
By Tracy Sorensen The conservative Northern Territory government has lashed out at the federal government, Aborigines and environmentalists over Aboriginal affairs minister Robert Tickner's intervention to halt a proposed flood mitigation dam


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