BY DANNY FAIRFAX On February 15, 500,000 people converged on Berlin, and 50,000 in Stuttgart, to say "Keine lust auf krieg!" (We don't want war!). This is despite the fact that the federal Social Democratic Party (SPD)/Greens coalition government,
WELLINGTON — Five people were arrested at a 600-strong anti-war protest outside Parliament House on March 10. The demonstrators mobilised to “greet” Australia's pro-war Prime Minister John Howard as he arrived for a state luncheon hosted by
Legitimate unprovoked aggression "Saddam Hussein poses no direct threat to us today. But confronting him is a legitimate choice." — New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, presenting the "case" for a US war against Iraq. People like US
BY KERRYN WILLIAMS CANBERRA — On March 23-24, thousands of people will converge on parliament, in a national protest against the Coalition government’s support for an attack on Iraq. Green Left Weekly spoke to James Vassilopoulos, one of
Suddenly, and without justification, five Cuban political prisoners being held in US prisons were thrown into solitary confinement on March 3. Prison authorities have not given the official reason for the illegal confinement in "the hole", but
BY TERESA FOARD LONDON — Several hundred people marched from Parliament Square, Westminster, to a rally at the US embassy on March 8, International Women's Day. There was a significant presence from the Iraqi, Kurdish and Iranian communities,
Rally defends refugees CANBERRA — "If Saddam Hussein is such a monster, why do you lock his victims up in hell-holes such as the detention camps in Baxter, Woomera and Nauru? If Saddam is such a monster, why are you trying to force asylum
MELBOURNE — Scottish folk music legend Dick Gaughan will be performing at Trades Hall for one night only on March 25. His songs evoke a deep sympathy and respect for the working class, their struggles and their victories. A professional musician
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — Ask anyone on the street in NSW when the date of the state election is and the odds are you'll get a blank look. This isn't a reflection of people's disinterest in politics — after all, just three weeks ago
BY ALISON DELLIT On March 15, the day after a 2000-strong protest in Traralgon, people hit the streets in a number of regional and rural areas in Victoria to oppose the government's support for Washington's war drive. Six-hundred people marched
BY ALISON DELLIT It is usual for newspapers to canvass a range of opinions following major government speeches such as Prime Minister John Howard’s National Press Club address on March 13 in which he presented his government's case for
Anthony Blunt: His Lives By Miranda Carter Macmillan, 2001 590 pp, $25 (pb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON In 1979, when British PM Margaret Thatcher exposed Sir Anthony Blunt as the “Fourth Man” of the famous Cambridge University spy ring (Guy