In the largest protest march in El Salvador's history, at least 200,000 Salvadorans, or 4% of the nation's population, completely shut down the country's capital, San Salvador, on October 24 as they took to the streets in the second “white
BY PHIL SANDFORD I would like to comment briefly on some of the issues in the important and welcome discussion which the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) has opened up around left unity. The term “united front” is being used in a very
BY ALISON DELLIT Despite a Newspoll indicating that public opposition to a war on Iraq has not been dented by the Bali bombings, Prime Minister John Howard has strengthened indications that Australians will be part of any US-led war on
BY EVA CHENG Created in 1989 to help break Third World resistance to the Uruguay Round of trade talks, the 21-country Asia Pacific Economic and Cooperation (APEC) forum plunged into near irrelevance in 1997 when the economic crisis hit Asia. But
BY SHUA GARFIELD HOBART — The Tasmanian ALP state conference, held October 26-27 in Launceston, voted overwhelmingly to not debate a motion put by Denison MHR Duncan Kerr to end logging in areas of high conservation value. Instead, it
BY SARAH STEPHEN A woman told the November 1 Illawarra Mercury that she has stopped wearing her traditional hijab headscarf after suffering five years of taunts and abuse. She is not alone. Many Muslim and Arab Australians are bracing for an
BY JOHN PERCY [The following letter was sent on October 22 by Democratic Socialist Party national secretary John Percy on behalf of the DSP political committee to the national executive of the International Socialist Organisation. It was
Whatever happened to user-pays? "A German intelligence-gathering operation went spectacularly wrong after bills for phone tapping services were sent to the people being bugged. About 50 people received the demands in mobile phone invoices." —
BY KIM BULLIMORE SYDNEY — “The raids by armed secret police on a number of Muslim families in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth must be condemned by all who value democratic rights”, said Sam Wainwright, the Socialist Alliance candidate for the
BY FEDERICO FUENTES & KIRAZ JANICKE PERTH — Seventy people, mostly Muslims, attended a meeting at the Australian Islamic College on November 2 to discuss the recent ASIO raids on Muslim families. The meeting heard accounts of the


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