Translation: 'economy' means US oil and armaments profits "The successful prosecution of the war [on Iraq] would be good for the economy." — Lawrence Lindsey, George "The Crusader" Bush's chief economic adviser. Not a purist "Tonight I want
BY ELIZABETH SCHULTE CHICAGO — Iraq is one of the largest oil resources in the world — with proven reserves of 112 billion barrels of oil, second only to Saudi Arabia. This simple fact has shaped Iraq's relationship with the rest of the
BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — In a scene reminiscent of the Suharto era, on October 24 a Jakarta court sentenced two pro-democracy activists from the Popular Youth Movement (GPK) to one year in prison for "insulting the head of state". The two
IRAQ Clean lies, dirty wars BY PATRICIA AXELROD Twenty-two months after Desert Storm, I was finally on my way to Amman, Jordan, the gateway to Iraq. Somewhere over Europe, I caught a glimpse of the Kafkaland to come when I heard that
BY SIMON ABRAHAMS MELBOURNE — Creative arts students from the University of Melbourne have responded to Australia's treatment of asylum seekers with Asylum, a theatrical work that addresses issues of "border protection" and the farce of the
BY TAMARA PEARSON SYDNEY — Around 3500 people stood for a minute's silence on October 26 to remember the 353 refugees who drowned needlessly one year ago to the day. The victims of the October 13 Bali bombings were also remembered.
BY ROHAN PEARCE US President George Bush continues to demand that the United Nations Security Council endorse a massive military attack on Iraq on the basis of tenuous "evidence" that Saddam Hussein might have the capability to develop nuclear
BY SUE BULL MELBOURNE — Some 10,000 workers rallied in support of Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) leader Martin Kingham as he marched to the Magistrates Court on October 24. Kingham, who is the CFMEU state
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — Some 400 people on October 23 attended a forum on the Bali bombings. It was organised by Asialink and was also simulcast on Radio National and was addressed by academics Arief Budiman, Merle Ricklefs and Tim
BY NORM DIXON Members of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) are continuing their strike for better pay and working conditions. Takavafira Zhou, PTUZ president, declared on October 21 that the arrest and torture of union leaders, and


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