BY PHIL CHILTON PERTH — On September 9, about 60 people staged a vigil outside the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs in Perth. The vigil was for Steven Khan. Khan is one of the asylum seekers locked in
Every day the sun risesBut we are in a positionThat can't rise upCan you imagine what it is? I like to see the worldBut I know that I can'tCan you tell me about the world?Do the people treat you well enough? Every bird has feathersSo they fly
BY CHRIS SLEE MELBOURNE — Members of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) employed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) held stop-work meetings during the week of September 9 to 13, at which they voted to hold a two-hour strike on
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — Bands and performers from a range of music styles have joined forces with refugee-rights activists to organise a Rock for Refugees benefit concert next month. The all-ages, seven-hour concert on October 27 will
Protesters target Howard CANBERRA — One hundred people protested against the federal government's pro-war and anti-refugee policies on September 11 outside the National Press Club while Prime Minister John Howard was giving a speech. 9/11
BY KATELYN MOUNTFORD In the last 25 years, capitalism's neo-liberal offensive has extended like a gag around the women of the world. It has stripped and privatised public services, pushing the duty of care back onto the family unit and, by
BY LYNDA HANSEN BRISBANE — Thirty people attended a public meeting on September 12 to mark the fourth year since five Cubans were arrested in Miami and convicted in June 2001 for espionage. They had been involved in monitoring right-wing
KIM STANLEY ROBINSON is one of the most highly awarded science fiction (SF) writers, winning the Nebula and Hugo awards for his Mars series (Green Mars, Red Mars, Blue Mars and The Martians), among a dozen other novels and short story
BY SAM WAINWRIGHT SYDNEY — The Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry, although based in Melbourne, has also been holding sessions in other cities, including Sydney. The most recent Sydney session finished on August
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