Whoops! Computers are supposed to make life easier, but a mix-up of files last week resulted in us reprinting an old article by John Hallam on ALP uranium policy. Our apologies to John and to any readers who were misled. On this page is the
Timber bill threatens wilderness SYDNEY — An estimated 50,000 hectares of native forest will be logged without any environmental impact statement as a result of the NSW government's new Timber Industry Protection Bill, says Jeff Angel of the
By Steve Painter Trouble is brewing over a government ban on national collective employment contracts in the New Zealand health service. National Party Labour Minister Bill Birch outlined the ban in a March 26 address to area health board
By Peter Chiltern LAUNCESTON — Federal Police and Taxation Department officials raided the Unemployed Workers Union here on March 19. Police seized hundreds of documents and about $17,000 worth of computer equipment from the UWU's offices and
Gay and lesbian refuge: the real scandal By Kim Spurway "2010 Scandal: Refuge failing gay youth" read the front headline in the Sydney Star Observer on March 20. The article by Will Harris in the magazine declaring itself the "Gay Community's
By Poul Funder Larsen MOSCOW — Conservative communist forces convened the biggest anti-Yeltsin demonstration so far on the Manezh Square in central Moscow on March 17. According to the Russian press, between 40,000 and 70,000 people were
By Sean Malloy "This is a firm whose business is not just to persuade you which margarine to buy but which human rights abuses should lead a country to war and which can be overlooked in the interests of trade." — Liz Jackson's introduction
By David Jagger Antoinette Panajatov and Hristo Stefanov fled Bulgaria last June and thought they'd reached the free world. But in the cellar room in Frankfurt they have shared for five months with 12 other adults and five children, they can't
Police The following letter, signed by the Reverend Ted Kennedy, Shirley Smith ("Mum Shirl") and 119 other parishioners of St Vincent's Catholic Church in Redfern, was sent to the Sydney Morning Herald. It was not printed. Let us not mistake
Rape as torture Rose Ann Maguire was arrested in July 1991 in Northern Ireland and held for five days in Castlereagh interrogation centre. During questioning, she was reportedly sexually harassed, physically abused and threatened with death.
Three friends in a different suburbia On the Waves of the Adriatic Directed by Brian McKenzie Special screening at AFI cinema, Paddington, Sydney April 11, 3 p.m. Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen Brian McKenzie's award-winning documentary, On
Talking union ADELAIDE — A mass meeting of 1300 bus drivers on March 24 overwhelmingly rejected a deal between the state government and their union (ATMOEA). The deal came out of negotiations on government threats of savage cutbacks to
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