By Melanie Sjoberg MELBOURNE — After much fanfare, Premier Joan Kirner delivered the state Labor government's economic statement on jobs on March 25. The statement was distinguished by the embellishment of its language: ignoring such
By Stephen Hammond Last month the minutes of a meeting came to light outlining the WA deputy police commissioner's plans for "anti-hooligan" police patrols. According to the document, the main task of these patrols is "to harass potential
The Good Woman of Bangkok By Dennis O'Rourke Reviewed by Helen Jarvis Having spent the last few months in South-east Asia, I was unaware of the debate that preceded the opening of the commercial season for this film. Looking through the
Duck slaughter By Margaret El-Chami GRIFFITH, NSW — Only 250 shooters attended the opening of the NSW duck hunting season at Barrenbox Swamp near here on March 21, many fewer than in previous years. Celia Jarvis, a voluntary duck rescuer
By Mike Karadjis Several weeks ago, the Greek community held 50,000-strong rallies in Sydney and Melbourne to oppose the independence of the Macedonian republic — that is, the formerly Yugoslav part of Macedonia. The success of these rallies
Logozo Angelique Kidjo Mango records through Polygram Available on CD and cassette Reviewed by Deb Sorensen I must admit I'd never heard of Angelique Kidjo until I switched my clock-radio over to JJJ. Then I started hearing this really
Whoops! Computers are supposed to make life easier, but a mix-up of files last week resulted in us reprinting an old article by John Hallam on ALP uranium policy. Our apologies to John and to any readers who were misled. On this page is the
New Aidex push SYDNEY — Armaments merchants have begun preparations for an Aidex-type arms bazaar next year. Following a decision by the ACT government not to cooperate with Aidex in future, the promoters are having discussions with
Six days before International Women's Day, women prisoners in Maghaberry Jail were reminded of Britain's contempt for the rights of Irish women. This is the women's own account of what happened, slightly abridged from An Phoblacht/Republican News.
Gay and lesbian refuge: the real scandal By Kim Spurway "2010 Scandal: Refuge failing gay youth" read the front headline in the Sydney Star Observer on March 20. The article by Will Harris in the magazine declaring itself the "Gay Community's
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — A press photographer employed by Rupert Murdoch's Cumberland Press has been forced to leave his job at the Manly Daily after a documentary film in which he was the central character was aired on ABC television on
By Greg Bohun The Commonwealth Government has introduced a form of work for the dole for Aboriginal Australians living in remote areas. The Department of Social Security has decided that Aborigines who choose not to remain on the Community
Rape as torture Rose Ann Maguire was arrested in July 1991 in Northern Ireland and held for five days in Castlereagh interrogation centre. During questioning, she was reportedly sexually harassed, physically abused and threatened with death.
By Sandra Fabbretti Conservationist have attacked a coal mining project in India, which is to be partly funded by Australian taxpayers. More than $300 million of Australian aid will go towards the development of a coal mine in the Indian state
Ecopolitics VI Planning is under way for the sixth ecopolitics conference, to be held in Melbourne on September 25-27. The aims of Ecopolitics VI are to promote interaction between participants from a range of community groups, discuss research
By Sally Low and Peter Annear PRAGUE — "I don't want to speculate, but I think you have to ask who is going to profit", Vaclav Bervida, foreign editor of Rude Pravo, commented on the March 16 arrest and imprisonment for four days of that


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