BY JOHN NEBAUER JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy has defined the parameters of the fantasy genre since its first volume was published in 1954. It helped inspire fantasy role-playing that began with Dungeons and Dragons in the 1970s. It was
BY DANIEL OOI SYDNEY — On December 8, 80 people converged on the Resistance Centre in Chippendale for a day of films and discussion about the past and present anti-war movements. The "teach-in", organised by Resistance, drew participants from as
No racism! BY TAMARA PEARSON Across Australia, thousands rallied on December 9 to commemorate International Human Rights Day. While the theme of the event varied across the country, the dominant demands were: "Stop the war in Afghanistan!" and
BY MIKE BYRNE BRISBANE — A new group has been established in Queensland to influence the Australian Labor Party's policy on refugees and immigration. Queensland Labor for Refugees was launched on November 27 at a meeting attended by 35
BY MAX WATTS For 10 years the Bougainvilleans have fought, with bullets and guns, against the world's second largest mining multinational: Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto hid behind multiple veils. The war was — the media told us — a civil war between
BY SARAH STEPHEN "The challenge facing those in Australia who understand and act upon urgent issues, such as the treatment of asylum seekers, or the issue of racism in general, is to draw together a national focus or campaign that brings direct
BY SAMYA NASSER JERUSALEM — While there was never any doubt that the secular groups within the Palestine Liberation Organisation conducted the intifada of 1987, the Islamist Hamas sees itself as the leader of the present one. The Hamas leaders
BY AZIZ CHOUDRY An Evergreen IslandA film by Fabio Cavadini and Mandy KingFrontyard FilmsOrder from <cavadini@tpgi.com.au> We are swamped with information about the impact of corporate capitalism, structural adjustment and the power and
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — Two weeks after the Hobart City Council banned the distribution of Green Left Weekly in the Elizabeth Street Mall, the paper continues to be distributed there daily. As of December 9, there had been no arrests or fines
BY MUMIA ABU-JAMAL PHILADELPHIA — With the end-game emerging into view of a bomb-drenched Afghanistan that is now apparently newly pacified, we are seeing the re-emergence of Iraq as America's demon-of-the-month. The justification for this new
@head2 = Billy Connolly versus GodBilly Connolly versus God The Man Who Sued GodDirected by Ben GannonStarring Billy Connolly and Judy DavisAt major cinemas REVIEW BY NATALIE ZIRNGAST Along with movies like The Castle, The Bank, Erin Brockovich
Are women inherently peaceful and men violent? Is there a basic difference between the natures of women and men so that men are the cause of wars and destruction and women are caring and nurturing? Many people argue that this is the case, not just
BY SARAH STEPHEN The Woomera Immigration Detention Centre, in the South Australian desert, has been the site of a series of riots, hunger strikes, suicide attempts and escapes over the last two years. The federal government, with the assistance of
BY AARON BENEDEK Japan's constitution "renounces the use of force to settle international disputes". Nevertheless, on November 25, three Japanese warships — a supply ship carrying 130 troops, a minesweeper and a destroyer — were deployed to
BY ALISON DELLIT SYDNEY — Arriving at Parramatta station for a Green Left Weekly selling spot during the afternoon peak hour rush on December 6, I was surprised to see a dog roaming among the commuters near the ticket gates. Dogs are normally
BY JIM GREEN A South Australian government report has revealed that trial mining at the Honeymoon uranium mine in the north-east of the state in 1999 led to the leakage of a radioactive acid leach solution through an "impervious" clay barrier.


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